Post April Update . . .

Since our arrival in Michigan . . .

* Started his internship at General Dynamics and is enjoying it there. Last summer he did a lot of busy work, but this summer he is doing work that actually matters:) He has been able to sit in on meetings where his work has been presented to Directors and Managers and has been able to see the benefits of this labor.
* Has been flown out to Atlanta twice to attend 2 different "Summer Leadership Conferences". (one with PWC and the other with Ernst & Young) These were both short 2 day trips, but he LOVED them both. He was also invited to Deloitte's National Summer Leadership Conference in Arizona in July for a week and can't wait to got to that one as well.
* Was officially accepted into the BYU MAcc (Masters of Accountancy) Program.
* Has started up the P90X workout with his brothers and neighbor. Michael is the most dedicated out of them all and has even taken on the P90X Diet. He has been going strong for 4 or 5 weeks now, I believe, and is loving every minute of it.
* Had a big chunk out of the middle of his tooth fall out randomly. Poor guy. Poor us, we have no dental insurance. I hope he just needs a filling . . .

I (Aubry):
* Received a my first EVER scholarship from BYU. AND, to make things even better . . . I got another scholarship from my work for a few hundred dollars as well!
* Got my job back at Bellacino's:)
* Made it through my first trimester of pregnancy without too much trouble. I have been very lucky in that I haven't had to deal with much morning sickness. I haven't felt like my usual self, but it hasn't been too bad. My biggest inconvenience is that I have a difficult time eating many foods. More often then not, NOTHING sounds good to me. While this isn't too awful, it sure makes eating unpleasant most of the time. During the first few months I had a hard time eating anything but fruit, these days I can at least tolerate most things. I am hoping this will wear off soon. Oh, and my second biggest inconvenience . . . brushing my teeth. For some odd reason toothpaste make me gag and sometimes even throw up. EVERYTIME I brush.
* Have been getting a belly. I officially have the pregnancy belly. I have felt bigger for the past few months, but apparently it wasn't as noticeable as I thought and felt. I think it was about one week ago that everyone started making comments about how they could tell and how I was finally showing. Good news for me: I'm finally getting out of the stage of just looking overweight. I actually look pregnant:)
* Pre-ordered tickets to go see Eclipse opening night. haha. Before you judge me . . . my sister-in-law, Ranell's, ward (well a lot of the sisters) have a tradition of pre-buying tickets and making a big night of it. They go out to Olive Garden before hand and have dinner, then they go to the theater where they have saved luxury seating and are given a concession stand gift card to get whatever they want. Could you turn that down?! When Ranell invited me I couldn't say no to that. I LOVE Olive Garden and I LOVE watching movies. This is the experience of a life time, I couldn't pass it up!:)

* Got to hear our babies heart beat and see him or her for the first time. I cant even begin to describe the experience. Our baby was moving like crazy and all I could think about was how amazing it is that this little thing was inside of me, growing. The process of reproduction is nothing less than a miracle. I just cant believe this little person is inside of me! Michael and I will find out what gender our baby is on July 19th!
* Celebrated my nephew, Justin's, first birthday with the family. It was a farm theme and we were all required to dress up as farm animals or related things. Good times:) I think we had more fun then Justin did.
* Celebrated my first Mothers Day (well Mother-to-be). Michael and I hadn't told his family yet, so Michael chose to give me 2 baby outfits (one boy and one girl) for my gift. Michael used this as his way of telling everyone that we were expecting. HA. You should have seen some of their faces, they were so confused when they saw what I got. ha
* Went and saw Iron Man 2 and Bounty Hunter. I thought Iron Man 2 was just as great as the first one. I loved every minutes. As far as Bounty Hunter . . . its not going to be "Movie Of the Year", but I enjoyed it too.
* Got to go have a "one on one" meeting with a local photographer Rosh Sillars. (Michael came too) He was extremely kind and helpful and gave me some great advice. He even invited me to come on a few shoots with him. Hopefully that will work out. He also gave me a signed copy of this book that he just published.

Well I think that's about it so far . . . we will do better at keeping everyone updated. Until next time, enjoy these cute pictures of our little baby:) (Keep in mind these are scans of pictures . . . the quality has decreased.)

Nice profile shot. Baby has its hand over its ear, you can see the outline of the hand there.

Straight on. Looking a little alien like, but I promise what I saw on the actually screen was much more life like. I could see the nose, eye sockets and all face really well. Also notice the baby's right arm . . . its up in a waiving position. Ha

Another profile. This one you can see both arms and the spine. OH! I could also see the heart beating from this angle as well. So cute!


Pam said...

How exciting! I get the same way with toothpaste and brushing my teeth. In fact that is one of the early early signs I get and I know right away that I am pregnant. It lasts for most of the first 3 months.

Johnson Family said...

I am so excited for you guys. What a fun time. It sounds like overall things are going good, so that's nice. Good luck with everything!

dantzel said...

What an amazing summer you're having! Good news all around, eh? Congrats on your scholarship, on Michael's work, on finding a better doctor for you, and everything else!

naomi said...

Aubrey! I didn't get to talk to you at Emilie's wedding - but congratulations on being pregnant. I'm super excited for you and Michael. Michael seems like the nicest guy too!! Hope you're keeping well xx