20 weeks

By family request, here is a recent picture of my growing belly. Unfortunately I don't have much to report. I have yet to feel our baby moving. I thought I did a few nights ago, but it was just once and it's hard to say if it was really her or something else. Hopefully I will soon, I am starting to get worried. Everyone keeps asking me if I can feel her yet, but alas, I cannot.

On a happier note, I have decided to do hypnobirthing. I know someone who has chosen this method for all 5 of her children so far and has loved it. For those of you who have never heard of this method, it is NOT hypnosis. It is a birthing method that teaches you how to relax your body and clear your mind allowing for a more enjoyable, natural and even spiritual experience. I only know the basics so far, but it sounds perfect for me. So, the research and preparation begins:) I just got a book and CD today. I am excited to learn more about it and get ready for when she comes.

As far as Michael goes . . . he has been busy at work. GD has been preparing for a big audit and Michael has been helping with last minute preparations. He worked late last Friday and worked all day Saturday. The audit started today, so hopefully his hours will get back to normal soon. Until then I try to think about the overtime $ when I don't get to see Michael much.


Tearsa said...

my sister-in-law swears by hypnobirthing, and one of her babies was 10 lbs!

Josh said...

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