Emilie's Wedding

Last weekend Michael and I had the opportunity to go to my best friend Emilie's wedding. (Emilie was my roommate for a few years before I got married, and was even one of my bridesmaids.) Michael and I woke up early Saturday morning (3:45am) and took off. We drove through Canada to save time and managed to get into Palmyra, NY with an hour or so to spare. We were both exhausted so we took a little nap in the car then headed inside.

It was so wonderful to be able to be there for Emilie and to be a witness of her and Nate's sealing. We loved being a part of their special day. Since Emilie's sister Liz was her photographer, I offered to help out a bit so that she (Liz) could be in some pictures herself. It was fun to be able to take lots of pictures of Emilie and Nathan with no stress:) It was all for fun. I am sure Liz got the best pictures (I tried to not get in her way and usually had a side angle on many of the shots) but here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Congratulations Emilie, I am so happy for you and Nathan! Thank you for inviting Michael and I to share in your day.

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Briana Weir said...

This is nuts! I know both of them from my freshman year and I had no idea! I was totally blown away when my eyes fell upon the groom and I realized I knew him too! How fun!