It's a GIRL.

The waiting is finally over:) Michael and I found out yesterday that we will be having a little baby girl. She is the perfect size for how far along I am and the tech said that she looked great and healthy.

The story: Yesterday afternoon, Michael, his mother (Fara), his little brother (Kurt), and I went to the Beaumont Hospital to their Fetal Imaging Department. We were all so excited to find out what it is and just to be able to see the baby! Michael was extra excited since he had yet to see our little one. (Fara and I got to see her when we got the previous pictures, but Michael wasn't able to be there for that.) It was so much fun to get to see our baby. I cant get over the fact that I have a baby growing inside me! Anyways, the lab tech had a hard time getting the measurements and such because our little one apparently doesn't like to hold still. She was moving all over the place. We got to see her kick, move her arms, open her mouth . . . just about everything. The tech was great at explaining what we were looking at and looking for. We saw her heart beat, her brain, her arms and thighs, her rump, nose, eyes, everything. After most of the measurements were complete it was time for finding out what the gender was.

Unfortunately our baby didn't want to flip in the right direction so that we could see. So, I (Michael joined me) was sent into the hall to "jog a few laps and do some stairs" ha. This did the trick. We went back into the room and she had done exactly as I ask. (Yes, I talked to her as well about it.) We were able to get the remaining measurements and were able to see that she was a SHE. The tech even told us that it was not just the absence of the male part that made her know this was a girl, she could tell without a doubt that our baby was female. So its official, we are having a baby girl. We are both very excited! I cant wait for all the cute outfits, dresses, shoes, . . . the works:)

As for me and the pregnancy, this are going well. I feel almost completely "normal". Besides the added pounds, back pains, and lack of sleeping . . . things are great.

*Per family request: pictures of my growing belly coming soon.


Briana Weir said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Maybe some day our little girls will go to BYU together and work in the career placement office just like we did :) Isn't it SO fun to be having a girl?? I know I would love a boy too, but I am just so excited for girly stuff. That's great news!

Rob and Kat said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting Aubry!

Natania said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you! You really need to keep blogging because I love it every time you do! Also, you should know that they have really cute BYU bows in the little kids section in the bookstore...just sayin'.

Harris Family said...

AHHHHH I can't wait to buy and make you tons of cute girl stuff!!! Girls are so fun to shop for, and dress up. Boys are too...but girls are more fun!
This makes me now 2 times wrong for guessing the gender of babies. 2 out of about 15 isn't bad!