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For those of you who don't know, for the past few months while we have been here in Michigan, I have been working at Bellacino's (a pizza and grinders joint here in Michigan) I help out inside and take deliveries during the lunch shift (10-1 M-F). It seems to be the only job that the state of MI will permit me to have. HA.

Well, Friday the 6th of August was my last day of work. I was so excited to finally be finished. There has been some shady things going on there recently that have made me not like working there at all. I guess my complaining got so bad that Michael convinced me that it wasn't worth the pennies I was making to work there any longer. So, I gave them my 2 weeks and my last day had finally come.

It started off as any other day of work. We were pretty slow, but I finally got a few deliveries. Unfortunately, they were supposed to be delivered at the same time and in different parts of town, so my boss took one of them while I was left to take the other. (My boss of course chose to take the closer one that he knew would tip him well and left me with the one that wasn't in our delivery area and the person wasn't even going to be there or pay! This is an example of the frustration that has come from working there.) I had decided before I went to work that this was going to be a good day. I had decided that I was not going to let my boss and his selfishness and dishonesty ruin my mood. So, with nothing to do but take the order I was assigned, I smiled and said ok.

His order came out first and he took off. Meanwhile, I helped finish my order and packed it up to take to the car. As I walked out the door with my order I unlocked my car and popped the trunk. I placed everything neatly inside and processed to shut the trunk. But, as it was closing, my keys conveniently fell into the trunk. Nothing to sweat, I had already unlocked the car doors. So, I headed for the drivers side to pop the trunk and get them out.

To my surprise, the moment I lifted the handle the car automatically locked all of the doors. I was bewildered. I couldn't figure out what happened! Here I was standing in the parking lot with my large hot delivery in the trunk and locked out of my car. All I could do was laugh. What are the odds!? Luckily we brought the spare keys to MI and Kurt (my brother-in-law) was able to rush to my rescue.

When I got home I told Michael all about my sweet day and how I had mysteriously gotten locked out of our car. Come to find out our car has an automatic lock timer. If you unlock it from the remote and don't open the doors for about a minute, the car automatically locks up again. Too bad I was a millisecond too late. What luck. Lesson learned.

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Brianna - Cherish Each Moment said...

what a beautiful baby shower! the invitations are precious, and i love the crib and high chair!