Ernst & Young here we come

It's official, Michael accepted his offer from Ernst & Young for a winter internship in their Atlanta, GA office. We're glad to have all the anxiety over with, because this is what we've been planning on, and now it's actually a reality. The other good thing is that they offer full-time offers to 95% of their interns, so they say that you really have to screw things up to not get a full-time job. The internship will be for 12 weeks and will start around the 7th of January. We're excited and now just have to find a place to live in Atlanta.

This picture is just some of the E&Y goodies from recruiting over the last little while. The backpack has been amazing and really came at a time when I needed one. That little silver circle is the coolest little mint holder that I've ever seen, you pop it to open it and pinch it to close. The cupcakes and bowl was a center piece that we got to take home from a dinner tonight. And that little hammer there is actually an every-all-in-one handyman tool. They claim that you can build a house with that little baby right there.


JAG said...

Congratulations!! My BIL works for EY. It's a good company.

The Mounts said...

Woo-Hoo!!! Robbi will be super excitged when I tell him. And Robbi's LOVES the tool thingy thing. He uses/used it ALL THE TIME!!!!