Marriage Counseling

Well, we finally broke down and did it. We went and saw a therapist and talked for hours. Don't worry we're staying together for the baby... JK, that's not exactly what happened tonight for FHE. (I was about to just post those first three sentences alone, but Aubry didn't think that was very funny. Good thing I checked with her first before posting this or else I could have been in some trouble.)

The real story is that for Aubry's Marriage Enhancement class she could either A. read a 300 page book and write a report on it or B. go to a "marriage check-up" and write a response paper talking about what the therapist did and if it was helpful or not. Who wouldn't pick B? So, tonight we went over to some building across from the Creamery on Ninth, met with a graduate student, and talked for two hours.

I wasn't too excited about going to this but knew that it would mean a lot to Aubry and would save her hours and hours of reading (she really isn't a big reader, as most of you know) But, I actually had a good time and thought it was fun. For the first hour she just wanted to hear our whole story of meeting and getting married and everything. So we got to reminisce about our days of falling in love. It was really fun to talk about all that good stuff for an hour. We talked about our first time meeting, our first date, dating, proposing, and the wedding. They also had us fill out a bunch of those sheets where you rank statements from 1-5 based on how accurate to your life you think they are. I feel like once you've done one, you've done them all.

I was kinda bummed that they didn't have those big leather couches to lay on and they didn't hook us up to any electrodes, but we did get to play with Lincoln Logs at the very end. I guess our log cabin was good enough to pass the test cause they let us go. Anyways, it was a fun couple of hours and I loved it. Our marriage is solid as a ROCK!

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