Thanksgiving Madness

Thanksgiving was great! We've been having a marvelous time during this short vacation from our busy semesters. On Tuesday I was supposed to work all afternoon and evening, but they closed down the entire BYU campus due to the predicted "storm of the decade." Talk about the lamest thing ever, haha. I think we might have gotten an inch of snow in Provo... maybe two tops. People were running to the stores buying up generators and bottled water. Everyone was flipping out and going crazy acting like it was going to be the end of the world. To bad it was the weakest thing we've ever seen.

So, instead of leaving Tuesday night we drove up to Syracuse on Wednesday morning after some sweet shopping. We've been hanging out at the Tucker house playing games, chatting, watching football and movies, and just enjoying being with family.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! We got to spend the day with the Tucker side of the family. Here is a beautiful picture of the Tucker Family Thanksgiving Feast. Karen's stuffing stole the show and was my favorite thing on the table.

The pie was great as usual. Here is my dessert plate. I tried to fit all of the kinds of pie onto one plate but I didn't quite get it to work. There was pumpkin, triple berry, banana, apple, and caramel pecan. It was all DELISH, but I have to say, the classic pumpkin was my favorite. (not a surprise)

Thanksgiving was great and I want to thank everyone for the happy birthday wishes as well. My "golden" birthday was spectacular. 25 on the 25th . . . and on Thanksgiving day. Who could ask for more? I had a bodacious birthday and got some great gifts as well as some pretty sweet homemade cards. I'll have to take some pictures of those and blog about that later.

BLACK FRIDAY: The darkest day of the year
Yes we went. We had fun going out early Friday morning for some quality Black Friday shopping and were successful in getting everything we wanted. Aubry and I only really wanted to go to Target so we got there at 4:00am when the doors were opening. Aubry, Karen, Ryan, Melissa, and I all went together and had a good time. Aubry quickly found everything we needed and we were able to wonder around while we waited a little bit for the others to finish up. Once everyone was done it was now a matter of finding the shortest line possible. So, for all of you Black Friday shoppers, you know how at Target and Walmart there are about 40 possible registers? Okay so here is the way the system is set up: there are the main three aisles that go all the way back through the store and those aisles somehow become these enormous lines of hundreds of people, wrapping around the store. There are also the electronics, jewelery, bakery, and pharmaceuticals checkouts. But here's the thing, those 3 enormous lines only feed into about 4 checkouts each, so there are 30 other registers that you can walk over to and get in a MUCH shorter line (about a 10 person/30 minute wait). What is up with the people that see a long line and then just assume that they have to get in it?

As we are walking over to the other side of the store to find a short checkout line, we had to walk through one of the huge aisle lines and this guy starts yelling at Aubry. He thought that we were jumping into this huge line and Aubry is like, "Could I just get through the line so I can go somewhere else, we are stuck in here, what would you like us to do?" Haha. Surprisingly, he quickly apologized and told us that he thought we were trying to cut in line. Aubry later told me what she wanted to say. She almost said, "I know this is a line. It's called the idiot line and you're in it. This line is for all of the people who have no idea that they are waiting in line for hours for nothing. If you walked a few more isles over you could practically walk straight up to an open register." So for anyone reading this who has stood in those lines, please just go look around and find something that will make your life easier. Now, at Kohl's... that's a whole different beast and my words of advice are to steer clear of that "devil store" on the blackest friday of the year. I still get the chills when I think about my experience at Kohl's two years ago on Black Friday... yep, still get them. Scarred me for life.

In good news we got to wait in line (at Target) behind these 2 hilarious ladies (probably in their late 20s) who kept us entertained the entire time. Time flew by! It was great.

The madness at Target

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Kenny said...

Mike! Sorry it took me a little longer to post a sweet comment. Things got pretty crazy this weekend. All I have to say is that you are the man. My favorite part was when Aubry wanted to chew out the rude dude and tell him the truth about the idiot line. Classic!