Christmas Vacation

Michael and I spent Christmas in Michigan this year. We weren't entirely sure we were going to make it out in time, since Jada was due on the 13th, but because she came early everything worked out great. Micheal and I moved out of our apartment on Friday, December 17th, and went to my parent's house for a few days. It was great to be able to spend the weekend with them, and nice for Jada to get to meet her Grandpa and Uncle. Lucky for Jada and us she got to spend lots of time with Grandma (my mom) those first few weeks. My mom was at the birth and spent the next week and a half helping us out at home. She even packed up most of our house for us while helping with Jada. We cant thank her enough!! It was a rough first few weeks getting adjusted to having a baby, getting no sleep, going to get Jada tested for jaundice every day, learning how to nurse, studying, printing, going to 3 hour finals, packing, cleaning, moving, etc. My mom was there to help us though it all. We wouldn't have made it through finals week without her! THANK YOU MOM, you are THE BEST!!!

Once we got moved out of our apartment and out of Provo, we were finally able to fully relax at my parents house for the weekend, before heading the Michigan. On Saturday we were able to go to a Christmas party with the Tucker extended family. It was great to get to see all of my relatives and be able to spend time with them. Then on Sunday we had a mini Christmas with my mom, dad and Ryan. (They were heading the GA for Christmas and didn’t want to pack up all the gifts, so we got to open some gifts on Sunday afternoon.) My parents gave Michael and I some awesome gifts. Among our favorites . . . my mom made each of her children a Christmas blanket that we LOVE. I have been using it every day since I got it. They also gave us 2 pictures of Christ with children. This one and This one. They are BEAUTIFUL. Michael and I both agreed they are our favorite gifts of Christmas. We got a few other things that we love, but I just thought I would mention my favorites! Michael and I loved the time we were able to spend with my parents and Ryan. (Jada too of course!) We look forward to getting back to Utah and being able to see them some more.

My mom and Jada (Notice the super cute "Who needs Santa when I have Grandma" onesie:))

Uncle Ryan & Jada

My Mom & Dad with baby Jada

A Trip Full of Blessings:

We left Utah around 9AM on Monday morning and started our drive out to Michigan. We were a little worried about the weather, but it ended up being great. The first half of Wyoming was bad. There was lots of snow on the roads and they weren’t plowed, we actually were quite lucky we left when we did. When we got to I-80 it was closed. But we only had to wait for about 5 minutes before it was opened. If we had left any earlier we would have had to just sit there and wait for hours like everyone else. Blessing #1. So, after a short wait we were on our way. Wyoming was slow, but we made it through safely without any problems. Blessing #2. The rest of the drive that day was a breeze. The weather and roads were clear and perfect. We even made it farther then planned. Best of all, Jada did awesome. She slept almost the entire time, waking up only to eat. She even slept through the night in the hotel, allowing Michael and I to have a good night sleep too. Blessing #3. Day 2 on our road trip was even better than the first. Jada continued to be great, the weather was perfect (except for about 40 minutes of thick fog outside of Chicago), we made great time, and I was able to sleep lots. Michael was amazing. He drove the entire way! Blessing #4,5 and 6. We made it to Michael's parents house around 11PM on Tuesday night. They were all up and excited to see us. (Ok it was mostly Jada they were excited to see, but hey what can you do.)

The following days were full of fun.

The highlights:

* Kaylie showing us all up caroling. She knew the words better then anyone else and sang her heart out.

* Michael and the boys we able to play basketball together a few times, and went to see True Grit as men. J (the girls opted out)

* The girls all went to see Tangled (except me), which they said was awesome. I can’t wait to rent it when it comes out!

* Played lots of games and ate delicious food.

* Becca taught me how to make cute hair flowers.

* Christmas desserts with the Barberis’, Schwartz and Folsom's

* Michael and I were able to drive to Saline one day to see my sister and her family. We loved being able to hang out with them and play with my niece and nephew! Best of all we got to go on a date with Ryan and Tiffani to Ruby Tuesdays while Ryan’s family watched our little cutie. (thanks Holly and Erin!) We were also able to see my best friends from high school Kimmie and Kristin and they were able to meet Jada.

* Had a Mexican dinner and game night with the Lovell’s

* Pizza night

* We rang in the new year with the family.

* Made Russian food on New Years day (Borscht and Pelmeni)

* Our nephew Justin throwing a fit everything Grandma held Jada

* We blessed Jada on Jan 2nd. (post to follow)

* Michael’s parents took the entire family to dinner at Maggiano’s to celebrate my graduation from BYU. (thanks Mom and Dad!)

* And much, much more . . .

Caroling on Christmas Eve


The Christmas Tree on Christmas morning

Me & Jada (sleeping in her sling) making breakfast on Christmas morning

Helping Dad open his stocking

Jada & Grandma Jensen

Waiting to open presents. (our only family photo and you cant see Jada...ha)


Grandma & Grandpa with the grandchildren (Justin, Jada & Kaylie)

Jada and her little giraffe (thanks Kimberly & Ben)

Love this look

Kaylie & Justin

One of the new games - Wits and Wagers

Jada & Aunt Becca

Pizza Night - that's right the 2 best . . . Jets AND Hungry Howies :)

Preparing News Years meal (Russian dish)

New Years Eve game of Poker (with Candy of course)

Halli & Carson with baby Jada (they were SO excited to meet their cousin)

* thanks Jensen's for all the pictures. I was lacking in the photo department this Christmas. I took only a few.


Michael said...

Awesome job babe! You really went to town in the blogging department. Way to go, now if only i get some bloggin in...

Tersa said...

I know that Wyoming is a terrible state to travel in the winter. Just remember if you ever do get to Evanston and can't go any further Brian and I live there now and have a room, couches, and floor space for any stranded travelers.

Karen said...

I love hearing about what's happening in your life. Thanks for sharing everything form Jada's birth to Valentines day. you have a great family!