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Sorry for the long delay . . . we have been a little busy:)

A Little Background Information:
On my visit right before the Thanksgiving holiday my blood pressure had jumped. It was higher then they like to see during a pregnancy so they began doing some tests to make sure I didn’t have preeclampsia. My blood pressure would be high some days and normal others. So, my midwife ordered a blood test and a 24-hour urine sample. Fun. I had that done on Tuesday, November 30th. When I went in on Tuesday to have my regular visit, my midwife asked me to come back on Friday (the 3rd) for additional testing.

One of the last pictures of me pregnant (from Michael's phone)

Jada's Birth Day:
Friday, December 3rd, was one eventful day.
It started off like a normal day. Well somewhat normal. I went to my appointment at the doctor’s office to have a Non-Stress Test and an Ultrasound. My test results from my 24-hour urine sample came back and I had a bit more protein in my urine then they like to see. So that, in conjunction with my high blood pressure called for the Non-Stress Test to make sure that the baby was fine and everything was going well. As for the ultrasound . . . my midwife ordered one for me on my Tuesday visit because of my belly size. They had been telling me for weeks that I was measuring large but kept saying that it was ok and probably water weight. Well, on Tuesday my midwife still wasn’t concerned about it but ordered the ultrasound just so that we could be on the safe side.

The visit started out good.
The Non-Stress Test indicated that everything was going fine. Baby was doing great and showed no signs of anything wrong. (Side Note: I actually enjoyed the “test”. For those who have no clue what this is, you get to sit in a big comfortable chair and have 2 monitors strapped to your belly. One monitors the baby’s heartbeat and the other, contractions.) When I first sat down the nurse asked if I had experienced any contractions up to this point to which I answered no. But, as I watched the print out of the baby’s heart beat and watched as I had a contraction I realized I had been having themJ It’s hard when you have no clue what you are looking for to say if it was one or not. I just thought it was the baby moving and pushing a little. I had no clue that it was actually a contraction. Upon finding this out I remember thinking . . . wow that doesn’t hurt at all, I wonder how much worse it gets. Anyways, about 25 minutes later they took me off the test and said I was fine.

Next, we went to have the ultrasound.
The purpose: make sure baby wasn’t too big. Result: ultrasound estimated our little girl to be about 9 pounds. Pretty big for a first baby, and I still had 10 days to go.

After the ultrasound they took us to one of the rooms for us to wait for the midwife so that we could go over our results and options.
We didn’t wait long. She talked to us about our tests and said that everything looked good, but that they were still a little worried because my blood pressure was back up again. Also, the estimated size of the baby was pretty big. So, she talked to us about our options. Midway through she asked if I had gotten checked to see if I was dilated at all in the past week, to which I said no. So, she asked if I minded if she checked. When she did, she said I was about 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. Because I was at this stage, she decided that she wanted to consult with the doctor. So, we waited while she did. About 5 minutes later she was back. Her first words, “How do you feel about having your baby today?” She said that she knew we wanted a natural childbirth and said that was still an option, but that the doctor recommended that I get induced. She personally didn’t think it was worth the risk to have me wait it out. The alternative would be to redo all of the tests and be carefully monitored for the remainder of the pregnancy. I asked her what she would do if it were her, to which she responded, “I would do it.” She said that if I wasn’t dilated we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but since I had already started she thought it wouldn’t be as hard on me as it could be and thought it would be best to go ahead and get induced.

Michael and I were a bit in shock.
We knew that this was a possible outcome, but we didn’t think it would be today. Not so immediate. We thought they would ask us to come in on Monday or something. Apparently Michael turned a little pale. The midwife noticed and said, “You look a little pale, would you guys like a few minutes alone to discuss it?” ha poor Michael. After talking it over, we decided to go ahead. So, the midwife called the hospital and arranged for us to go in immediately. We were hoping to run home and get our bags, but the midwife thought it best for us to get those later. (Apparently the hospital was packed and we got the last room available in Labor and Delivery.) So to the hospital we went.

We called work to let them know we wouldn’t be coming, and called my mom so she would head on down.
(We invited her to be at the birth). Then we started to call our family to let them know what was happening.

About 15 minutes after leaving the doctors office we checked in to the hospital. (about 11:15AM) They took us right to our room and let us get settled in.
I got into my gown and Michael and I continued making calls to our family while we waited for things to get started. They got my IV in and the monitors all hooked up, but didn’t start the Pitocin till about 1. The process was slow. They slowly upped my doses each 30 minutes. From 1-7 we just waited. I felt like nothing was happening. My mom made it soon after 1 and Michael was able to run home and grab our things. He was so cute. He was so nervous to leave me and said his heart was racing the entire way home and back. My midwife came in soon after to check on things and said she would be back in a few hours to break my water. So we waited. Watched some Harry Potter, drank some juice, called some friends, etc. The contractions were becoming slowly more frequent but were less than intense. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 2. Once again I found myself thinking . . . this isn’t that bad.

Just checked in, calling family

Around 7:00PM my midwife came and broke my water.
From here till the birth she pretty much stayed with me the whole time. Within minutes of breaking my water the intense contractions started. There was no gradual increase into active labor, and no working up to hard contractions. Long story short . . . it was rough. I had about 30 seconds in between each contraction. My body was in shock and I could feel it. All I could think about was how I was not prepared for this. My midwife had warned me that it would not be the birth I had planned and that it would be much more difficult and hard since my body was being forced into giving birth and wasn’t allowed to do it itself. But I didn’t expect this. I was prepared for hypnobirthing, but I couldn’t relax myself. I didn’t have enough time between contractions and my body was just thrown into full on labor. I just kept shaking and couldn’t control myself. I tried hard to relax. Michael took me for a walk around the halls, but that didn’t last long. Nothing was helping and the contractions, though I didn’t think they could get worse, were getting worse. With Michael’s help, I made it about 2 hours before I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I ordered the epidural. I was told the anesthesiologist would be in quickly, but that didn’t happen. About 25 minutes later all I could say is, “Where is he!!!”. He came in about 40 minutes after called. It took a little while to get the epidural, but I got it. It took about 15 minutes for the medicine to get in and kick in, but after those 15 minutes . . . I was finally calm and nearly pain free. I could still feel the contractions, but they were much less intense and painful. At 10 the nurse came in, checked my dilation, and said I would be ready to push in an hour. So . . . I took a nap:). Around 10:45PM I woke up ready to go. My friend, Rachel Call, came around this time and got ready to take pictures of the delivery. At 11:00PM the delivery began.

At 11:56PM our baby girl was born.
On a humorous note, I believe the first thing I said as soon as she was out was, “I can’t believe that came out of me!”. It still amazes me how they fit inside! Immediately after she was born she was placed on my chest. I was able to hold her for about 25 minutes before Michael cut the cord (with the midwifes help of course). I got to hold her for another while, and fed her for the first time before they wrapped her up and gave her to Michael. Followed by my mom. Rachel was taking pictures the whole time. (Pictures in previous post are all hers.)

Rachel & Jada

About 2 hours after she was born they moved us downstairs to our room and took her to the nursery to clean her up.
Michael was able to go and be with her while they did that.

As for the rest of the hospital stay . . . it was excellent.
The nurses and staff were great, the food was good, everything was wonderful. We wish would could have stayed for weeksJ. Thank you everyone who came to visit and for all the gifts and support. We are so excited to have Jada in our lives!

Emily & Jada

Jenna & Jada

* Special thanks to Rachel for the photos and to my Mom for all of her help and support those first few weeks.
It was great to have her there at the birth and we couldn’t have made it through finals week and those first few weeks of transition without her! Thanks for all the wisdom and help! Also thanks to Scott and Christi Greenhalgh for recommending my midwifes and the AF hospital!*

Aunt Becca & Jada

- - Michael plans to add his side of the story soon - -

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Tersa said...

Congrats to all of you! I can totally relate to your story about things not going as planned. I'm glad it went well, and that she is here and healthy. Oh and all the pictures are fabulous. Your photographer did a great job.