Week 1 & 2

Here are a few pictures of Jada in her first few weeks.

We learned pretty quickly that our little girl loves to stretch out. While she loves to be cuddled and swaddled at times, she also loves a good stretch. During the first few days I would check on her quite often while she was sleeping . . . and more often then not I would find her with her legs straight out and her arms straight to the side or up above her head. Too cute!

Love it - 4 days old

Jada's bili levels were borderline in the hospital, so we had to have her tested 48 hours after we left the hospital. Her levels continued to increase, so after the first test we had to take her back everyday to get retested. Poor girl had about 8 or 9 pokes in her foot before it was all said and done. (Not to mention a bruised hand and elbow, luckily I didn't attend this test day.) At about day 5 they decided she needed to get under the lights. So, Jada got to lay in this fun bed for 20 out of 24 hours for 2 days. Not fun. She was a good sport though:)

Michael keeping her company. What a nice Daddy (yes they are both sleeping) - 6 days old

Jada and her war wounds after her last and worst blood draw. - 14 days old

First Sunday home - 9 days old

For the first few weeks Jada slept a LOT. My mom even mentioned that she had never seen a baby sleep that much. So we checked, don't worry her Pediatrician said it was normal. Along with sleeping time, everyone was telling me different things regarding how often to feed her and such. The Lactation specialist tried to convince me that I needed to feed her every 1.5-2 hours. HA. She tried to tell me that I needed to wake her up and get her to eat. Well my little girl didn't want to be awake that much or that often. She would wake up about every 4 hours to eat and pretty much slept the rest of the time - giving me much needed time to get things done. Times have changed, but it was good while it lasted.

Must be a nice dream, a slight smile - sometime in the first week


Rob and Kat said...

i like her cute little cheetah outfit. :) hope you guys are enjoying GA! hope that big snow storm didn't cause too many problems for you. ;)

julylover said...

sweet baby :)

McChesney's said...

She is SO beautiful, Congratulations Aubry. Next time you are in MI, come visit!