2011 so far . . .

Shortly after new years, Michael, Jada and I packed up our things and drove to Atlanta. The 12-hour drive from MI went pretty well. Jada didn’t do as well as she did on our drive out to Michigan, but we made it. She got tired of her car seat pretty quickly after we left so there was quite a bit of crying. Luckily everything else was great. The weather was beautiful and we made it here safely.

Life in Atlanta has been awesome. We have been blessed to be able to live in a beautiful condo in the perfect location, the weather has been perfect (except for the first week of snow and ice), and we have been able to visit my brother and sister and their families many times.

Through the help of my dad, Michael and I have been able to rent a newly remodeled condo while we are here. It is amazing. It feels like we are living in a model home. Best of all, we got a great deal as far as rent goes. We are so blessed. I can’t thank my dad and Lynn (the owner) enough. I am continually amazed at how the pieces just fell into place. I have been telling Michael since we moved in that we need to find a place like this when we come back after he has graduated. The house is perfect. The area is great. We live within a few miles of every store you can think of or ever want. There is a mall close by, a Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Carters, Hobby Lobby, Babies R’ Us, etc, and tons of restaurants. Best of all, we live less then a half a mile, straight down the road, from the Atlanta temple.

Here are a few pictures of the place:

Master Bedroom

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Dining Room (now with curtains)

The Office

As far as Michael’s internship . . . it’s been an eye opening experience.
Let’s just say we have gotten a taste of the real world and what life after college will be like. Michael has had the opportunity to work with many different clients. It has been a good learning experience for him. We have both been able to see what the life of a “Big 4” accountant is like during busy season. Michael has had different work hours depending on the engagement, but the average is about 13 hours a day. This week he has been lucky and has been getting off at 7ish, but that has not been normal. He has also learned that they eat out a lot. Apparently it’s not common for people to take lunches, so Michael eats out twice a day. I will admit I love to eat out and have been a bit jealous of all the places he has gotten to try. It has been odd to never have him home for dinner and hard to try and find something for myself to eat. I just can’t get myself to make a meal when I hate leftovers and Michael isn’t home enough to eat them. Luckily by the time we are doing this full time Jada will be older and will give me reason to make meals again:).

Since Michael has been working so much, Jada and I have taken the opportunity to visit my brother and sister and their families. On the weekends that Michael has off, we usually drive up to one of their houses, stay for the weekend, then Michael comes back and I stay in Augusta to play. It hasn’t been that way every week, but we have been able to see them quite a bit. I have loved every minute of it. I love being with my family. I am so grateful for the time I have been able to spend with them and for all of their love and generosity. It has been nice for me to have company and entertainment while Michael has been so busy. We watched movies, went shopping, did crafts, played games, ate out, helped Rhet and Jessica tear out their floors, watched Lexi and Daisy play basketball, roasted smores, and more. All of my nieces and nephews are so cute. They are so cute with Jada. Best of all I love just spending time with my siblings and their spouses. I love them all and love to talk with them and be apart of their lives. I miss them when we aren’t close. In my ideal world my entire family would all live next to each other in a beautiful neighborhood and our children would grow up together. HA. I know, dream on. Bottom line, I LOVE my family!

Brooke rubbing Jada's head

Getting ready to make smores

Here are a few pictures of my sister Dantzel's family: (Pictures of Rhet's family to come)




The Rhodes Family: (Valentine's Day edition)

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