Happy Valentines Day!

So far so good. Jada and I sent Michael off to work this morning around 8am and probably won't see him till after 11pm. So, Jada and I had a eventful Valentines Day alone together. The day is not over yet, but I am not thinking anything else is going to happen.

What did we do you may ask . . . After doing all the laundry, cleaning and having a plumber come fix our dishwasher, Jada and I went on her first walk today, and she loved it. We needed to get some groceries (like milk and bread) and deposit some checks at the bank, so instead of going late tonight, I decided to be ambitious and take Jada on a mile or so walk to the closest grocery store. Surprisingly it went quite well. I got a little more of a workout then intended walking up and down some steep hills, and then lugging home a gallon of milk, apple juice, chocolate milk, bread, and some fruit, but all together, it was a success. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny, with a bit of a breeze. Jada looked so cute in her little coat/body suit thing.

Jada and I will finish off the night eating pizza and watching a movie:) Cuddling included. (Good thing I have Jada to take Michael's place today. Could have been one lonely day. I couldn't find a better replacement:))

Daddy's Sweetheart:)

I LOVE this girl!

Ready for her 1st walk
(yes I know this is not an infant stroller, but we had to leave ours in UT so this was the best we could do.)

Jada and I are so lucky to have Michael as a dad and husband. We love you Michael and are so proud of you for all of your hard work. Thank you for all you do. Happy Valentines Day!

Lucky me! Michael just called and is coming home. Our evening just got better!

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Carrie Jensen said...

Happy Valentine's Aubry! We love and miss you! And Jada looks absolutely adorable! :) Glad you had a good day!