Welcome to Atlanta

Last weekend Michael’s mom, dad and younger brother Kurt drove down from Detroit to visit us for the weekend. We had a great time, and loved having them here. We just hung out and chatted the first night, but Saturday was full of fun.

After getting dressed and ready for the day, we drove downtown. We started off our day with lunch at the Sun Dial Restaurant Bar & View on the 73 floor of the Westin Hotel. The floor rotates! We were able to have a nice lunch while overlooking the city. The food wasn’t amazing, but the experience was worth it. It was really fun to get to see the city from above.

After lunch we walked over to the Georgia Aquarium. We spent the next few hours in there. We definitely picked the wrong day to go, but it was still fun. (Apparently everything is crowded on the weekends especially when there is a cheerleading competition. Let’s just say we all saw way more teenager skin than we ever wanted to. And it probably didn’t help that it was a holiday weekend.) The place was packed. It was quite difficult to get a stroller through all the people. We made it though, and had a good time. Jada did great.

Walking to the Aquarium

Inside the Georgia Aquarium

Jada loves her Uncle Kurt

Last shot before heading home

After the aquarium we headed back to the car and went home.
By now we were all exhausted and ready for a nap. After a good rest we headed to Chick-fil-A for a delicious dinner. We were going to go to a southern restaurant that came highly recommended, but realized last minute that they only had one location and that was back downtown. We weren’t up for another long drive. So, since the Jensen’s had never tried Chick-fil-A we went with that. Good choice. After dinner, Dad spoiled us with cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Kurt and I had never had it so we got a few pieces to try. I must say it was delicious. The original piece was divine! I could eat it all day. THANK YOU DAD and THANK YOU CHEESECAKE FACTORY.

We spent Sunday enjoying each other’s company and relaxing. They left Monday morning.

Thank you Mom, Dad and Kurt for coming to visit. We loved having you here and enjoyed going out on the town. Thank you for the clothes for Jada, taking us out and for introducing me to the Cheesecake Factory. We can’t wait to see you in April!


Michael said...

Aubry, you are bloggin like crazy! wow, i'm so impressed! we gotta get the word out to everyone that we have tons of sweet pics and updates.

Brent Jensen said...

Totally jealous of the short sleeves...

Tersa said...

I love the pictures of the aquarium.