Jada's 3rd Month

(apparently not in the mood for taking pictures. She didn't want to smile)

I can hardly believe its already been 3 months. Part of me feels like she has been with us forever while another part of me can't believe its been 3 months. Michael and I are loving every minute. I (Aubry) am still not completely adjusted to my new life as a mother and stay at home mom. I feel like so many things happened to me all at once that I haven't had time to deal with each of them individually. On December 2nd I was a full time student, who was extremely busy working and doing homework, free to go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted, who enjoyed hanging out with her friends and socializing. By December 18th all of that came to an end. I graduated from BYU, I quit my job, we had a baby, we were learning how to be parents and care for an infant, and we moved to Atlanta for Michael's internship where now the only thing I have to do everyday is take care of Miss Jada. Its a lot to adjust to. I'm not complaining, I LOVE Jada and I love being a mother, but it takes time. I still haven't figured out how to get much done each day, but am slowly learning how to accomplish more. Jada has set her own schedule and is pretty good about keeping to it which helps make things less crazy and more predictable. Change is good, and I am grateful for it. I loved being a student, but I am happy and ready for this next chapter in my life. I am so grateful for Jada and the happiness she brings into our lives.

As of March 3rd, Jada . . .

* weights 14 pounds
* is 25.5 inches long
* loves to smile
* has beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when she smiles (makes me melt)
* likes to "coo" and talk back to you
* can hold her head up for quite awhile without bobbling:)
* loves to be sang to
* can follow people and objects around the room
* smiles when she hears moms and dads voice
* sleeps 8 hours, without feeding, during the night
* eats ever 4 hours (except at night)
* loves to play and talk for about an hour after she eats
* loves to be held
* loves to take a bath, but does NOT like to get out
* found her fist and loves to suck it (while drooling everywhere)
* has managed to get her thumb in her mouth and suck it twice
* loves to kick her legs and "run, run, run"
* is SO close to rolling over (belly to back)

Here are some photos from this month:

I set Jada on the couch to sleep and kept hearing her stir . . . when I went to check on here, this is what I found. Poor girl. ha

Jada and Momma

Sparkling Eyes

Jada and her Giraffe from Aunt Kimberly (it squeaks) . . . "Thanks Kimberly and Ben I love it!"

A little sleepy

Smooch from Momma

We borrowed this seat from my brother Rhet and his wife Jessica. It has been a life saver. Jada prefers this to her swing. She likes to sit in it while it vibrates and watch everyone (especially her daddy working out). I put her in it the other day while I got something to eat and came back to find her like this . . . not very comfy.

While trying to take a cute picture of her with her giraffe I got this one. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Jada and her Daddy


Harris Family said...

these photos are all oh so cute. I'm glad I finally got on my blog, and checked yours. I haven't been on my blog in so long! Can't wait to see you in just a few days!

Dantzel said...

I know I already told you, but I love the over-the-shoulder photo, and the bow over the eyes one makes me laugh. I've looked at it a few times and, yep, it still makes me laugh. :)

Happy travels! We'll miss you!

olrac said...

cute little baby