Jada's 4th Month

I know I am a little late, but oh well. We have had lots going on.

Jada passed her 4 month mark. What did we do to celebrate you may ask? . . . we painted her toes! By we, I mean I. (With the help of my Mom who was keeping her occupied while I did it. It is also possible that I may have just used her being 4 months as an excuse to do what I had been wanting to do for months.)

As of April 3rd, Jada . . .
* weighs 14.31 lbs
* is 25.5 inches long
* smiles all the time and at everyone
* loves to stick her tongue out (as seen above)
* has been in 15 out of 50 states in the U.S.
* started babbling more and more
* can officially hold her head up without bobbling
* can see and follow objects quite far away
* still loves to be sang to
* laughed for the first time (at my mom)
* loves to "stand" (see picture)
* for 1 week went 11 straight hours without eating at night and slept for 9 hours at night consistently. (too bad with all the traveling that ended)
* has started enjoying having time to herself on the floor
* loves her tall swing
* started drooling like crazy and loves to suck on her hands or mom's fingers.
* got a super cute hat
* has been going through another growth spurt and wants to eat about every 3 hours more often then not
* got her toe nails painted hot pink to match her moms (which is the cutest thing every!)
* watched Aladdin happily for over 45 minutes with Mom, Maimi & Lindsey for girls night
* has found a new favorite thing . . . Poppi's super soft blanket
* got a Bumbo chair and loves it. Especially sucking on it.

Photo's from this month:

Jada's new cute hat

Her CUTE painted toe nails!

"Standing" with Aunt Lindsey

Napping on Poppi's super soft blanket

Chillin' with Dad

Doing the Bumbo

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