Back in Utah

While Michael worked his second to last week, I spent the week in Augusta with my family one more time before we headed back. I have loved all the time we have been able to spend with them. It was fun to watch my nieces and nephews interact with Jada. My last week there was full of fun. Thanks Rhet, Jessica, Dantzel & Adam for letting Michael, Jada and I come stay with you so often. We loved it! AND thank you Lynn for letting us borrow your beautiful home and for all of your help and love!

Brooke & Jada


Rachel, Mara & Brooke entertaining Jada while watching Lexi & Daisy play soccer


Sleepy Jada

Watching TV with Uncle Rhet


Daisy & Colby with baby Jada

Lexi & Jada

Watching the girls play soccer

Brooke, Dantzel, Jada & Mara

For the past month and a half, Michael, Jada & I have been the traveling family. Michael's internship with Ernst Young ended on Friday, March 18th. He enjoyed working for them and is currently considering the job offer he received. Consequently on the 19th, we left Atlanta on our journey back to Utah. We left early Saturday morning and drove all day to Kansas City, KS, to visit some of our friends (Evan & Jenni) from BYU. We spend that night and Sunday hanging out with them and having fun. It's not going to be the same at BYU without them. We aren't sure what we are going to do. But it was sure fun to see them! Hopefully we will be able to go visit them once Jenni has her baby and they move out to California.

After spending Sunday with them we drove down to Derby, KS, to visit my sister Tiffani and her family. We spent 4 days with them and loved every minute. Carson & Halli were so cute with Jada. Every morning they wanted to help feed her (They would have loved to help every time, but when you are breastfeeding that doesn't quite work:). So I decided to pump in the mornings and let them feed her the bottle while we were there. They loved it. Carson was so patient, holding her till she drank every last drop. He is such a great big brother. My sister, Tiffani, is currently pregnant with their 3rd (a boy) due on July 21st. I have no doubt that Carson and Halli will be a huge help. Carson LOVES babies and is actually very good with them. Many times while we were there he would talk to Jada and make her smile like crazy. Halli was also able to get smiles out of her and loved holding her when she could. We had a great time hanging out together, paying outside, going out to dinner, having picnics, playing games, etc. It was nice to play games and stay up late with Tiffani & Ryan, laughing and having fun together. Oh! I almost forgot. While I was there I was able to take some pictures of Carson and Halli for her, which turned out great!

Playing Outside after our picnic in the garage because of the crazy Kansas wind:)

Bath time! (smiling at Carson)

Halli feeding Jada . . . and loving it.

Out to dinner: Carson & Ryan (sorry for the poor quality, it was taken on a phone)

More fun outside

Carson feeding Jada . . . and loving it.

Tiffani and Halli at the restaurant

Ryan & Jada



My favorite:)

Come Friday it was time to say our goodbyes. We played in the morning, then packed up and started our drive. Luckily for us, my best friend from high school invited us to come spend the night at their house in Denver, so we only had an 8 hour drive. We got into Denver around 6:30pm. We had a fun evening making calzones, playing games, and of course talking about old times. Thanks Elise and Nate for having us over, we loved it!! After a long evening of fun and games, we went to bed. The next morning we had a delicious waffle breakfast and started on our last leg of the treck. We made it into Syracuse around 6pm. Man it felt great to have all of the traveling out of the way! We made it back to Utah.

Nate, Elise & Jada (in her cute new outfit from them)

Some of the many faces I got while traveling in the car for hours

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