Shortly after we got back in Utah, we headed to Idaho for Michael's Grandmother's 80th birthday and her (and Grandpa's) 60th Wedding Anniversary. All of Michael's brothers and sister drove from Michigan (Except his oldest brother and his family. He, Mark, is preparing to graduate from the UofM MBA program and couldn't afford to miss classes. We miss them.) and his parents flew in. So, almost everyone was there. Actually, of all the extended family, only 6 people were missing. There was a great turn out!

We spent about 5 days up in Idaho having fun with the family and getting ready for the big party for Grandma. We had a great time! Jada was probably in heaven. All of the cousins wanted to hold her and play with her all day. She loved being held and having so much attention. We had fun going out to eat, shopping, playing games till late, cooking, eating, chatting, and more. One of my favorite things was when Grandma and Grandpa got everyone together and gave us a little "talk/lesson" about life and bore their testimonies of Jesus Christ and his gospel. It was a wonderful moment.

Another great memory was the program that we had after the "open house" for Grandma and Grandpa. Each child of theirs, and their families, got up and did something for them. Some sang songs, others read poems they wrote, and others just shared memories and touching things about their wonderful parents. It was such an amazing experience. I am so lucky to be a part of their family.

We got to have a big family picture taken while we were there, so hopefully we will all get a copy and I can post that up here when I get it. We also go one of Michael, Jada and I that I will hopefully get and be able to use as our header:)


Natania and Brady said...

She is such a beautiful little girl-- I love the pictures!

Rob and Kat said...

i love that picture of you and jada where she's wearing the polka dot dress and you both have flowers in your hair. so pretty! :) it looks like a fun trip!