Jada's 5th month

This past month has been a busy but fun one for the Jensen family. We have been living with my parents, Lindsey and Kenny for the past few weeks and have really enjoyed that. As of a week and a half ago, Michael is back in school at BYU and Jada and I will be joining him shortly (in Provo that is). We found a wonderful home to rent and get to move in this Friday. We are excited to finally have all of our things again. It has been quite the adventure living with such few belongings for over 5 months. I can't wait to have all of my clothes and shoes once again:)

Focusing more on Jada . . . she has been growing and learning like crazy this past month! It has been hard to keep up with her. It has been fun to watch her learn new tricks and to see the happiness it brings her. She is such a cute baby and we love her so much!

As of today, May 3rd, Jada . . .
* has learned to roll over (back to front) and does it ALL the time
* has starting babbling, cooing, squealing and making any noise possible all day (which is very cute)
* laughs all the time (which usually leads to getting the hick-ups)
* started reaching out and grabbing for objects. She even managed to grab my bowl a few times which almost ended in a mess
* has started to "reach" for her mom
* loves to read books
* likes to be outside
* has started growing back her dark brown hair
* eats every 3 hours
* quit sleeping through the night :(
* has found her feet and finds them fascinating
* not longer likes to be rocked to sleep or held in that position
* loves the "golden fleece" (my dad's Sherpa blanket) and will instantly calm down and go to sleep when placed inside of it
* loves rubbing the "golden fleece" on her face
* enjoys playing with toys
* can sit up with support
* watches me (or whoever is holding her) eat with this longing stare
* started playing in her crib in the morning for awhile before letting us know she is awake

Pictures from this month:

Just woke up:)

Her favorite blanket . . . Poppi's "Golden Fleece"

Just rolled over

Fun in the Sun

Chillin' watching TV

Jada & Daddy

The "Golden Fleece", her "happy place"

My little cutie in her Bumbo


Harris Family said...

Geeze she is just so stinkin cute, and you have the custest outfits for her. Now I want a girl so I can borrow all your clothes. I feel like I dress Halli in rags. I need to go shopping.

Aubry T Jensen said...

Whatever I love all of Halli's cute clothes! I cant wait for Jada to be able to borrow all her cute ones!