I am falling behind . . . Alright, first up Graduation.

That's right, I, Aubry Tucker Jensen, finally graduated! It took me 6.5 years, but I finally finished and am thrilled (Debt free I would like to add.). I could have finished years ago if I would have stuck with my original major, but because of my determination and perseverance, I got into the BYU Photography Program and came out on top. Dreams do come true:)

I am so grateful for my wonderful college experience. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to attend Brigham Young University and for the strength, testimony and knowledge that I gained while I attended. I am grateful for the many wonderful professors and classmates that taught me lots and helped me grow as a person and professionally. There are a lot of things that I already miss about going to BYU, but I am ready for this next step in my life. So here's to life after college, whatever that may bring!

A few photo's from this monumental day . . .

I would also like to thank all of my family and friends for their support throughout this journey. I couldn't have made it though without them! I have been so blessed in so many ways and am so grateful for all of them.


Pam said...

Congratulations! You are going to do such great things with your degree!

Natania and Brady said...

Congratulations! You've worked so hard for this...it really is an accomplishment you should be extremely proud of yourself for! Also, you have the best graduation pictures I have ever seen. You look great and your family is beautiful.

Karen said...

great pictures of a special day. I would like some copies.