My little brother Ryan had surgery today on both of his feet. Bless his heart. I knew that this was coming and wanted to do something fun to help cheer him up and make him feel better while he was in the hospital. So, I decided that while he was having his surgery, we (Lindsey & I) should make a little somethin' somethin' for him.

After many hours and lots of fun . . . we created these cute shirts for us to wear when we went to visit.

In honor of Ryan, we made it all out of duct tape (well minus the T-shirts). They turned out SO cute:) I especially love the awesome duct tape bows we made to match! Thanks Lindsey for doing this with me and for your amazing duct tape bow making skillz.

Ryan, we love your guts and hope you recover quickly.

We took some more pictures with him at the hospital, but he was so out of it. I want to make sure he is ok with me posting them before I do so. So, maybe more pictures will be up soon:)


Johnson Family said...

That is awesome (your crafts, not the surgery). Hope all goes well.

Harris Family said...

Cute shirts...why didn't you make one for me. I love him too you know.

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