Sushi Masters

Saturday I did something I never planned on EVER doing in my life . . . I tried Sushi. Many of you may be shocked to hear this considering I HATE all seafood, but don't freak out, I didn't go nuts. I only tried one with "imitation crab" in it, the rest were vegetarian. Michael pulled out the, "Pleeeeease, just once for ME" card yet again. Now I can officially say I have tried Sushi. Did I like it? No, but I did it. I guess getting married and having a husband that is adventurous makes you do crazy things.
Michael will tell you all about the making of said Sushi...

First a shout out to my wifey, Aubz . . . thanks for trying a couple pieces of sushi. You rock! All I ask is the next time we have a sushi extravaganza you only have to try one piece. Also, a shout out to Kenny and Lindsey, thanks for making this possible. It was so much fun and delicious. You guys rock my socks off!

So, Kenny read up on everything we needed to know about rolling our own sushi rolls. He and Lindsey got most of the supplies and Aubry brought in some as well. We had a blast learning how to roll sushi and definitely improved.

We thought that the first one Kenny rolled was pretty good, but Lindsey showed him way up with her first roll, haha. By the end, all three of us were sushi masters. We have already had talks about our new sushi fusion restaurant that we are going to run, WHITE. (Aubry will be the photographer and designer) We're still working on the name and also need to do tons more research but we have a crazy good idea going. I've always dreamed of running a restaurant as a side business.

The sushi was fun to roll and we tried all sorts of stuff. The fruit/dessert sushi rolls were a bit tricky, we definitely need to work on perfecting that.

One of the coolest parts of the day was having everyone sit down at the table and munch down on our delicious, fresh sushi. Dad, was definitely the biggest surprise out of the group, actually going all out and trying everything. I think his quote was, "Go big or go home." haha. It was a lot of fun and Jada was the only one that didn't get any.

Future business partners

The Emperor (aka the big daddy)

Best name yet, The Shrab! (shrimp and crab)

So . . . how about a new tradition . . . Sushi Saturdays???


akseez said...

Aubry, I think we should join forces. A bunch of us get together about once a month at my house and have a homemade sushi night. You guys should come next time. I should see if there's anyone else from photo that would be interested too.

Aubry T Jensen said...

That would be sweet. My husband would LOVE that:) Let us know the next time you plan one!