Jada's 6th month and counting . . .

This past month has been very busy for us. At the beginning of this month Michael, Jada and I moved into a little home we are renting south of BYU campus. (More about the house to follow). It has been great for us. We miss being with my family everyday and the company, but we are happy to be in a "permanent" place once again with all of our things and have finally been able to get Jada on a schedule. Jada did great in Atlanta. But, moving and traveling has been rough on her these past few months, getting her on a routine and consistency has really helped her out. We are still having some issues (like eating . . . Jada wants to eat more and more . . . I thought the older they got the longer they could go, but Jada has gone from wanting to eat every 4 hours to wanting to eat every 2. Don't worry we are working on this!) but all in all things are going great.

As of June 3rd, Jada . . .
* weighs 15.5 pounds (40th percentile)
* is 27 inches long (91st percentile)
* has learned to roll over (back to front) but still prefers not to
* passes objects back and forth from one hand to the other
* has started eating solids and loves them (except for bananas, they made her throw up) So far she has tried rice and barley cereal, green beans and sweet potatoes
* loves to go on walks and be outside
* wants to eat every 2 hours
* is enjoying being on her tummy more and more
* occasionally makes a "gaa" sound and other "g" sounds
* laughs (mostly at her dad as seen below)
* grabs anything and everything
* makes razz sounds
* loves her blanket (we no longer can go anywhere without it)
* enjoys playing with our phones
* can sit up well with support
* sleeps though the night!!! (training her went MUCH quicker and smoothly then expected)
* loves to suck on her toes and feet
* enjoys taking her pacifier out of my mouth (always smiles when she does:))
* loves her painted toes
* enjoys sipping water from a cup

Pictures from this month . . .

Going on a walk

Playing with mom

Sleeping on mommy (not common, must have been the shots)

Memorial Day at the Mounts


On a walk with Dad

Sweet Potatoes and Rice

Only 6 months old and already texting

Ducky Duck, her favorite:)

Lovin' the feet

Hahaha, love this face

Playing outside

Getting ready for bed

Dinner time

Bath time

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