Jada's 7th month

Jada turned 7 months old a couple weeks ago. (I know I am a little behind, 2 weeks isn't bad though, right?!) She has been learning and growing like crazy! We love her more and more everyday. This month has been a roller coaster. Jada started teething and it seemed everything we worked for was thrown out the window. Trying to get her to sleep through the night has been a challenge. We had a few extremely rough nights and many not so fun ones. But, things are finally getting better. Teething also made her fussy and very clingy to Mom. I was and still am at times, lucky to have some time to myself during the day. She quit taking long naps and wants me to hold her all day. But, since tooth #2 broke through a few days ago she has been getting better and better about playing with her toys and not crying if I am not next to her or holding her. The past few nights have been getting better too. Lets just hope we get a little break before more teeth start coming in.

As of July 3rd, Jada . . .
* weighs about 16.5 lbs
* is 27.5 inches long
* recognizes her name and will almost always smile when she hears it
* loves taking baths and splashes like crazy
* has outgrown her baby bath
* loves to go on walks and be outside
* is back to breastfeeding every 4 hours
* has started to try and figure out how things work
* has started being much more vocal and making all kinds of noises. No "mama" or "dada" yet, but we are working on it
* has learned to scoot. She will stretch her arms out and pull while kicking off with her legs. (I think she will learn to crawl within the next few weeks)
* loves her mommy and daddy

* passes objects back and forth from one hand to the other
* is a great eater and loves her baby food! She always gets mad when its all gone, but if we keep feeding her she will never stop
* recognizes certain things, for example: her plastic bowls or spoons mean its time to eat, walking over near her crib means its nap time, etc.
* loves being thrown in the air
* tries to climb up me all the time so that I will hold her
* still laughs and giggles like crazy at her Daddy
* loves hymn books, scriptures, and any other book that would be unwise for her to have:)
* now objects when you take away something she wants
* wants to play with everything except her toys
* still loves her blanket but now has a couple that will work as substitutes (still cant go anywhere without one)
* loves playing peek-a-boo
* can sit up all by herself
* likes it when you scratch her back or tummy
* has been teething all month and finally go her first tooth to break through on the exact day she turned 7 months. (July 3rd)
* loves to "chew" on our fingers and toes
* loves to be outside and watch the cars pass by
* wants to drink out of whatever you have, be it a cup, mug, bottle, the sink, etc. But is happy with her sippy cup most of the time.
* is still the cutest girl I know!

Pictures from June 4th - July 3rd

Jada & Sophie

Just woke up, and SO happy to see Mom!

Jada & Mommy

Chillin' with Daddy


Taking a nap with Maimi

Silly Sleeper

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Briana Weir said...

what a pretty girl! i love that pink ruffly outfit, too!