The Best Surprise Ever

Michael and I at the HP7.2 midnight showing in our homemade shirts. Michael's says, "You really need to sort out your priorities." on the front, and "7-15-11 midnight showing HP7.2" on the back. If you aren't sure what mine is, you should probably read the book.
P.S. I'm not as chubby as I look

Michael surprised me last Thursday with tickets to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7.2. I can't even tell you how excited I was. Michael and I (so I thought) had been trying for days prior to Thursday to find a babysitter and locate some tickets. July and HP7.2's release day kind of snuck up on me this year. It was a few days before the 14th before I realized this was our last time to attend a midnight showing and we didn't get tickets. By Thursday I had secured a babysitter, but no tickets. After many calls and searching the Internet I finally decided to give up. We were going to miss it.

Thursday afternoon Michael and I were just hanging out at home when I received a phone call. My friend, Rachel, called to tell me that somehow Fandango had tickets available at one of the local theaters. They were sold out 30 minutes before, but somehow there were some available now. So, I quickly went on the site, and sure enough there were open spots. I quickly clicked on them and worked through the process of trying to buy them. I got stuck on the pricing though. Micheal and I tried to call the theater but couldn't get through. Meanwhile, if you are familiar with Fandango, they have a timer on there when you click on the tickets. I think you get about 7 minutes to pay for them or they are made available to others. Well the timer was running out. I finally turned to Micheal and said, "Whatever, I'm just going to get them." and proceeded to continue in the checkout process. But, right as I was about to finalize my payment, Michael said, "No, don't do it." I was so confused. "Why?" I asked, then frantically shouted, "I ONLY HAVE 30 SECONDS!!!"

Michael smiled and said, "I already got tickets". I was SUPER confused now. Michael handed me a piece of paper. It was 4 tickets to the Thanksgiving Pointe 3D theater for 11:59pm. Ok, now I was just dumbfounded. Why did he get 4? How did he get these, I knew everyone was sold out? Who would watch Jada now, I just told our babysitter we couldn't go? We had just discussing 15 minutes ago about how bummed we were that we couldn't get tickets! Michael had been texting me and calling me all day trying to figure out how we could go.

Apparently my awesome husband had it all planned out. We were going to watch HP7.1 with some friends around 7 that night and he was planning on telling me after the movie. Our friends, Cody and Kate Leishman, were in on it too. They were coming with us! Michael had a babysitter all line up, and everything ready to go. It was the best surprise. Michael has only surprised me this good once before, when he proposed. Both times he played it out so well that I had NO idea it was coming. Props to you Michael, for an awesome surprise!

Michael, Cody, Kate and I had a wonderful evening together. Michael and I made t-shirts while the 4 of us watch Harry Potter 7.1. After the movie, we picked up some treats and drinks then headed to the theater. Since it was in 3D and at Thanksgiving Pointe we had assigned seats. (which was great because we didn't have to get there super early) We arrive about 45 minutes before it started. It was fun to see all of the people dressed up! (It is probably my favorite thing about going to the midnight showings) The movie was fantastic. We all agreed that we probably wouldn't see it in 3D again, but it was still awesome! I won't lie, I cried many times. I am sad that the series is over. I can't image anything better ever existing:)

Thank you Michael for everything. I loved our date, I loved the movie, and best of all, I love you! Thanks Cody and Kate for coming with us, and Megan and Jordan for watching Miss Jada.


Harris Family said...

Oh how fun. I didn't know the whole story behind you going-I knew you were looking for tickets. I'm a little jealous! I want to go see it...maybe tonight!

Harris Family said...

Oh how fun. I didn't know the whole story behind you going-I knew you were looking for tickets. I'm a little jealous! I want to go see it...maybe tonight!