Elder Tucker

My little brother Ryan entered the MTC last Wednesday, July 13th. He will be serving in the Provo, Utah, MTC Referral Center for the next 2 years, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on the phone, internet, and every way he can:)

Our family had a little farewell BBQ for Ryan the weekend before including baked goods, hot dogs, chips, and homemade root beer. Lindsey, my Mom, and I spent the few days before the party making cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc, trying to get everything ready for Saturday. On Saturday morning the boys went golfing, then spent the afternoon playing "extreme" croquet and hanging out, while the girls put the finishing touches on the cookies and cupcakes with frosting. Lindsey and I spent hours executing our decorative ideas. (see below) Sadly, after all the hard work, I guess our cookies were just too cool to eat. A few were eaten, but most were just admired:) Good thing we had lots of other goodies and at least we had fun making them!

Lots of Ryan's friends from the ward and school, as well as family, were able to come. We had a great turn out and Ryan really enjoyed seeing everyone.

Michael attempting to make it up the ramp and onto the deck without rolling off the other side. They put a ring about mid-deck and have a drain tube that they have to go in and down as part of the course. I think the consensus after the LONG game was to make it a bit easier next time. It was a little too extreme.

Preparing for the party

Our "amazing" sugar cookie ties and name tags:)
(some were designed form Ryan's requests)

2 of the favorites and most time consuming . . .

I just had to put this cute pictures of Jada and her Poppi

The following day, Sunday, Ryan and my brother-in-law Kenny spoke in church. Lots of family and friends were able to come to see Ryan speak. Hearing Kenny speak too was a bonus. Ryan and Kenny both gave amazing talks. I was touched by both of their words. I know without a doubt that Ryan will be a great missionary. I know he really appreciated everyone who came and who has given him their support throughout his life. Thank you everyone who came.

On Wednesday the 13th, my parents, Ryan, Lindsey, Michael, Jada and I were all able to go out to lunch and spend a little time together before taking Ryan to the MTC to say our goodbyes. (Sorry you had to work Kenny:() We had a delicious lunch at P.F. Chang's, took some pictures, then dropped Ryan off at the MTC.

At the restaurant

Saying our goodbyes . . .

We will miss you Ryan, but know you are where you are supposed to be. Thank you for your wonderful example to me. You impress me more and more everyday. I am excited for you and know the Lord will bless you. We can't wait to hear how its going!

Ryan driving away in his scooter

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Dantzel said...

Thanks for all the pictures! Since we couldn't be there, having you share it with us is next best. :)

Oh, and the cookies ARE amazing.