Independence Day

Jada and I were able to spend the holiday with my family up in Syracuse this year. We actually drove up on Sunday and are spending the week here to hang out with everyone before Lindsey & Kenny head to GA, and Ryan leaves on his mission. (Michael had to stay in Provo to work and go to class . . . sorry babe, we miss you!! Thanks for everything you do for our family.)

Though we started off the day with only a few plans, the day turned out to be great! Jada and I began our day by heading to the Kaysville parade with my mom and dad. Jada loved being outside and watching all of the children. She was NOT a fan of the Fire Trucks and Police cars, but then again, what infant/toddler is?! As soon as the sirens started, most of the babies and toddlers around us started screaming. Besides those few minutes, Jada loved it. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. My last experience with a parade was about 3 years ago . . . and it was LAME, really lame. But this parade was SWEET. Everyone was throwing out candy, store/restaurants were handing out coupons, the day was overcast and perfect, there were tons of people and floats, etc. After 2 hours of fun, Jada dosed off, but kept getting woken up by honk and screams. Needless to say, that got old and she couldn't take anymore. She wanted to sleep. So, we called it good and headed home.

The Kaysville Parade

We spend the rest of the afternoon playing games and relaxing. After a delicious hamburger dinner, we played a family game of croquet. Somehow I managed to win, again. (We played Fathers Day weekend and due to some lucky shots by myself and some unfortunate shots by others, I came out victorious.) Somehow fate was in my favor and I won again:) 2 for 2, not bad!

We finished off the evening by playing more games and watching all the local fireworks in the back yard. It was almost a perfect day. The only thing missing . . . Michael.

Lindsey & Kenny's awesome Fruit Salad



Tiffani Harris said...

How fun! That fruit salad is way sweet! I'm glad you were all able to be together.

gj said...

ahhh! so sweet! Beautiful baby!