Jada's 8th month

Another month has flown by. I don't know where all the time goes! Summer is almost over and I'm bummed. Though I don't have to go back to school, Michael does, and I know Jada and I won't get to see him as often as we would like.

This past month Jada has been learning a ton. I am often surprised by how much she has learned and what she has picked up on. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure all you parents out there know. I feel like for the first 7 months of her life she was just an observer. But, within the past month she went from being an observer to a discoverer and communicator. Her personality is starting to show. Jada knows what she wants and won't give up until she gets it. She is interested in everything and wants anything you have. I think the best part is being able to see the excitement and joy on her face when she is really happy: whether its because Mom or Dad came in the room, she was able to get what she wanted, or she was able to make a splash in the tub.

I love being a mom. I love everything about it. I love Jada so much and am so grateful for the opportunity Michael and I have to be her parents. She brings so much joy and happiness into our family. We love you Jada!

As of August 3rd, Jada . . .
* is 27.5 inches long
* weights 17.4 lbs
* rode a horse for the first time

* had her second tooth pop out
* has started pulling her head bows/flowers down and wearing them like a necklaces
* can sit herself up
* has 2 freckles
* went swimming for the first time and LOVED it (we all went on Pioneer Day!)
* loves to try and pull herself up on everything and anything (and is SO close)
* is interested in everything and wants to hold/touch whatever she can get her hands on
* still loves her blankie
* LOVES playing peek-a-boo, and thinks it's hilarious
* attended her first parade for the 4th of July
* had her first play-date with her friend Brinley at the pool (thanks to a storm it was short lived, but still fun while it lasted) Jada was too excited about having Brinley there she didn't really care about the pool or water

* has successfully fed herself Cheerios and other small snacks a handful of times (the letting go of the object is the tricky part)
* started crawling!! (as of a week ago)
* is still the cutest girl ever:)
* loves standing and walking with help
* enjoys watching other children and trying to play with them
* gets really excited when she is by other children her age
* is getting harder and harder to take good pictures of . . . she is a little mover and she won't sit still . . . I know, it is only going to get worse
* learned to chew and now wants anything I am eating and MUST have some
* gets excited when she hears her name on the phone (I often talk to Michael and my family on speaker phone because Jada just loves to listen and hear her name. Her face lights up and she started smiling and squirming like crazy every time she hears it.)
* is getting better about sleeping thought the night
* loves cuddling, but only when SHE feels like it; I'll take what I can get:)
* is starting to enjoy reading books more
* loves to suck on Mommy's toe

Fun at the Pool

I think we need to lower her crib :)

Jada & her friend Brinley . . . so cute!

Hannah & Jada (this is Jada's way of telling you she is tired, and a way of snuggling)

More bath time fun

One more photo shoot picture

Funny story for this month:
Michael and I had our friends, the Leishman's, over for dinner. Dinner was over and Kate and & were cleaning up, while Michael and Cody gave Jada a bath. A few minutes after Jada had been in the tub I hear Cody say, "Kate, this is why we can't have children!" as he walked into the kitchen. I started laughing and went to see what had happened. Turns out Jada had pooped in the tub. hahaha. She has never done that before. I thought it was pretty funny that she waited to do it til we had friends over:) Don't worry Cody, it doesn't happen all the time.


Tiffani Harris said...

What cute photos of your little miss. I just love her cute face. That photo of her and Michael with big smiles in the pool is so cute-love it! Her 8th month photos are adorable too-of course! I can't wait to see her and YOU in TWO DAYS!!!

Johnson Family said...

So cute!! They grow so fast.

SaoirseD said...

Thats cool, you guys look like you do alot of fun stuff together :)


Michael said...

I miss you guys! I find myself frequently going on here to just to look at cute pictures of you two.

Casey said...

Cute blog! Your family is adorable.