Jada's 9th month

Time flies. Our little beauty is 9 months old. This past month has been busy busy. Michael spent the first week of August in Orlando, Florida with Ernst & Young at Disney World. While he was in Florida, Jada and I went to visit my Dad in Syracuse. (My mom was in Kansas visiting my sister, Tiffani, who just had a baby.) While Michael was living the life in Florida, Jada and I had a wonderful time with my dad.

The following week Jada and I flew to Kansas to visit my sister, Tiffani, and her family and to spend some time with my newest nephew Bentley Cooper:) We were lucky enough to get to spend over 2 weeks there! Meanwhile, Michael took his finals, worked a ton, and studied for his first CPA exam. It was hard to be apart, but I think it worked out for the best. Michael was able to focus and spend as much time as he could studying. He took his first CPA exam the morning we flew back! We wont find out till November how he did, but I'm sure he did great. (I will post more about our trip to Kansas next.)

Back to Jada. She has been learning so quickly, I am always so amazed at everything she picks up.

As of September 3rd, Jada . . .
* weights 18 lbs
* is 28.25 inches tall
* started giving kisses
* flew on a plane for the first time (3 planes to be exact) and did AMAZING. I was so worried since she learned to crawl she would hate sitting on my lap for hours, but she was a champ. The flight attendant even came to talk to me as we were descending to tell me that they were happy to have us on the flight and that Jada did better then most babies he has seen. The lady in front of us also commented that she didn't even know there was a baby right behind her till she stood up to get off the plane. Jada is the best!
* sleeps through then night completely
* learned to crawl up stairs while in Kansas
* loves to eat, especially whatever we are eating
* learned to give "High 5's"
* learned to wave
* lights up whenever her Daddy comes home
* learned to pull herself up into a standing position
* has started walking along furniture
* loves her zebra blankie more then ever
* LOVES babies and LOVES to give them kisses. (She reserves her kisses for babies these days)
* has mastered feeding herself and loves to do so
* loves her Maimi and Poppi and actually let them hold her when I was in the room last weekend when we were visiting. (Previously she wouldn't let anyone hold her for long if I was around, but she has been doing MUCH better. I think the stranger anxiety is fading away. Hooray!)
* loves books and enjoys flipping through the pages on her own
* loves cords and fans. This is problematic, we have to watch her like a hawk.
* has been given the nickname "Jaderz" by her dad
* enjoys shopping with her mommy
* is crawling like crazy and gets into everything
* is the best daughter:) I just cant get enough of her!

Photos from this month:

Additional picture from her 9 month photo shoot

Bathing in the kitchen sink at Maimi & Poppi's after a HUGE diaper explosion

Our little eater

Jada in her "spot". This is where she likes to play with all her toys. I have a picture of her smiling, but I love her funny faces.

This one was taken in Kansas by my sister. Love her:)

Jada pulled herself up in my leg . . . her new favorite thing

Excited to see baby Bentley! Kiss attack!!

Giving her cousin a smooch:)

Happy to finally have mastered feeding herself

Everyday when Carson practiced piano, Jada would crawl over, stand up, and listen to him play. Smiling the whole time.

Trying to get Bentley

A few more from her photo shoot


Dantzel said...

So many cute pictures! I love Jada trying to get Bentley, and her little dress for the photo shoot is adorable! We're so excited that we'll get to see you in a few months!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing Jada with us. I don't feel like I'm quite so far away when I see her cute pictures - oh, I'm not as far away as we were and I'm pretty happy about that! I love you all.

BreastFeeding Top Shop said...

beautiful pictures