Kansas Vacation

As mentioned below, Jada and I had the chance to fly out to Kansas to visit my sister, Tiffani and her adorable family (Ryan, Carson, Halli, and their newest addition, baby Bentley).

Jada and I got to spend 2 fun filled weeks with them and loved every minute. Many eventful things happened during our stay:

* Carson started Kindergarten
* Jada learned to climb up stairs
* We were able to attend Bentley's baby blessing
* Tiffani and I had a girls night out and went to see the movie "The Help"
* Jada learned to feed herself Cheerios and other small finger foods
* I was able to take TONS of pictures of Bentley and Family pictures for the Harris'
* Jada learned to pull herself up
* I got to make the traditional Muddy Buddies for Carson's 1st day of school after school snack:)
* Carson and Halli got a new pool (slide included)
* Tiffani and I had sewing nights and made bibs for Jada, "little man" ties, and flag banners for our nurseries.
* Jada gave kisses for the first time (to me). Unfortunately for me, after day 1, no more kisses for Mommy, only baby Bentley.
* Jada got to go to the library for the first time

Lots of other things happened, but those are just a few of the bigger events. Jada and I loved our stay. Jada loved playing with Carson, Halli, and especially Bentley whenever she could.

Thanks Tiffani and Ryan for letting us come be your house guests for a few weeks. We loved it so much! Cant wait to do it again. And thank you Michael for letting us go too. We sure missed you!

A few photo's for our adventures:

Silly Halli, so excited to be swimming in their new pool

Watching the kids swim

Learning to feed herself . . .

Oh Ryan, you win. Best picture.

The adorable children:)

Who me?!

Trying to play with Bentley

Playing with Ryan

Halli and Bentley. She was so cute. Bentley was upset and Halli wanted to try and make him happy. She held him on her lap and tried everything she could to make him happy:) She is going to be a great mom one day.

Jada going in for Bentley. I think Bentley is trying to run . . .

My sister, Tiffani and Bentley:)

I thought this was the cutest thing. Everyday Carson had to practice the piano, and without fail, as soon as he started, Jada would crawl over to him and happily listen to him play:)

Trying to get Bentley. hahaha

Carson's 1st day of School. I just love this picture:)

Swimming Fun . . . they are too cute!

We love you Harris Family and cant wait to see you in December!

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