Jada's 10th month & September in Review

The past month has flown by! Where does time go?! September is over and we are already a third of the way through October. Man oh man.

As a quick review of our lives in September, this past month:
* We celebrated many birthday including: my dad's, Cody's (our friend), Brinley's (Jada's girlfriend), and of course mine!
* I got an awesome picture of the temple for my birthday, that I LOVE (it's ginormous)
* My mom & dad taught me how to can tomatoes and tomato juice
* Michael planned a surprise date one Friday night which rocked! His sister Becca watched Jada while Michael and I went out on a surprise date that Michael had planned. He surprised me first, by making it a double date with our good friends the Leishman's; Second, by taking us all bowling; and third, by ending the evening with a delicious dinner
* I also got a bunch of sewing supplies for my birthday from my Mom and Dad and have been sewing like crazy! I have made bibs, curtains, a crib skirt, flag banners, bow, the list goes on . . .
* We watched Conference, which was spectacular!
* Michael fractured his wrist and now has a cast on for six weeks
* We won a backpack at the Marriott School Opening Social (an ipad2 was two prizes after our backpack... so close)
* Jada and I walked up to BYU campus to surprised Michael twice
* We had a family sleepover with our friends (and old neighbors) the Leishman's. It was pretty awesome. I think we are going to make this a monthly tradition
* We started making our 72-hour kits! (this has been on my to-do list for months)
* Michael and I read "The Help" together, which was awesome

A couple pictures from Cody's birthday party

Cody and Kate Leishman

Jada's 10 month photo and happenings

As of October 3rd, Jada . . .
* weights 19.5 lbs
* is about 28.5 inches long
* was invited to, and attended her first birthday party (for her friend Brinley who turned 1)
* has started walking along furniture and is getting pretty fast
* started giving "high 5s"
* decided she doesn't really care to eat her veggies anymore
* still only has 2 teeth
* tried chocolate for the first time (Maimi gave her half of an M&M, lucky girl)
* started saying "dada"
* "watched" her first General Conference
* learned to wave
* started scrunching her nose and blowing in and out (not sure what this is technically called, but it's the cutest)
* has started to swat away foods that she doesn't want
* is the best!
* loves being chased around the house, especially if you crawl after her
* is getting more and more social
* has a fun little scream she does when she is happy and playful
* enjoys watching "Super Why" (be it on PBS or little clips of the songs online) She gets very excited
* is getting more and more attached to her blanket
* loves cheese

Pictures from this month:

Celebrating my birthday with Michael, Jada and my Mom and Dad. My Mom made the best cake. My favorite, Rainbow chip cake and frosting with an added surprise . . . MONEY. (this is a Tucker family tradition of sorts. It was one of my favorites growing up, who doesn't love to find money (sanitized coins for those of you who are worried) in their cake!)

Welcoming Fall in our sweats

I love this pictures:) This was taken during our birthday party celebration for Cody and sleepover at the Leishman's. She snatched that chip right out of the bowl

Walking with Daddy

Sportin' the Detroit hat (Go Tigers!)

Helping Momma open her birthday gifts

Our no-so-little girl :)

What a cutie pie! I love this little outfit

Jada and Brinley at her party

Daddy & Jada
Welcome October and Welcome Fall! (more decorations to come:))

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