Pumpkin Carving

This last Monday for FHE, Michael and I invited our friends (the Jordan's) over to carve some pumpkins. For those of you who are loyal readers, you will remember that we carved pumpkins with them last year. We decided to continue the tradition.

Jason and Katie came over around 6pm. We started the evening off with some delicious pizza then picked out our designs, put Jada to bed, and got to work on our pumpkins. We washed them, cleaned 'em out, then started on our carving. After many hours (including a break for some pie) . . . they were finally complete.

Here is everyone with their work of art!

This is what Jada was doing while I carved her pumpkin for her:)

Everyone (minus Jada) with their final product!

I think we all agreed that Jason won the "Sweetest Pumpkin Award". It really is an awesome looking pumpkin. Thank you Jason and Katie for coming over and continuing our pumpkin carving tradition. The pizza was great and so was the evening. We are bummed we won't be able to do it with you again next year! Maybe we will have to make a trip out to California;)


Michael said...

wicked picture with all of us together!

Anonymous said...

What a tradition! The pumpkins have improved every year so far, next year should be amazing.

freya said...

those pumpkins are legit! you guys have got some skillz! little jada is soo cute too aubry!

Rob and Kat said...

oh my gosh. i am so impressed with your pumping carving skills. like VERY impressed! they were all amazing. :)
and mike... possibly moving to ATL. who knows. hah.

happy halloween!!!