Halloween 2011

"I'm so cute it's scary" (thanks Gramma Jensen for the cute shirt!)

This Halloween proved to be the best we've had in years! It was definitely the best Halloween that Michael and I have had together.

To start off the festivities, since we have a little house, I was finally able to do some decorating! And can I just say, decorating is addicting. I love buying and making decorations. I loved being able to get into the spirit of Halloween. We are loving having a house!

On the Saturday evening before Halloween we attended a little party at one of our friend's home. She decided that since the ward wasn't having a party for the little ones, we should. So we dressed up our babies and all got together for a few hours to chat and eat while the children played together. It was fun to see all the cute kids in their costumes! They were all so cute!

On Halloween day, while Michael was at school, Jada and I started the festivities by going to Macey's and trick-or-treating there. When Michael finished class, we picked him up and headed to the mall to trick-or-treat there. It rocked! (Note for anyone with small children: the mall is the place to go.) We got there at 5pm and spent about an hour going to each store and getting some candy. We took Jada around in her stroller and put her little pumpkin bucket on her lap. She enjoyed having people drop candy into her bucket:) It was perfect. Short walk, lots of candy, warm, and quick. We even took a break to get some Chick-fil-A for dinner. Besides Jada loving all the candy, I think the highlight was people's reactions to Michael's costume. I couldn't believe the number of looks and comments he got. I kept laughing as I saw tons of people pointing to him in the distance and getting their friends to look. He even managed to get us extra candy because of his "awesome costume". One employee at Hot Topic said, "That's a dope costume!". It's been a while since I've heard that one! (YIKES) At one point Michael said, "Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity!" It was pretty entertaining.

After the mall we still wanted to do some normal trick-or-treating so we took Jada to a neighborhood up in the Foothills of Provo. I cant lie, it was a bit disappointing. We only went to about 10 house and over half of them people weren't there or chose not to answer the door. I was glad we did the mall, otherwise it would have been a bust. Michael claims I, "saved Halloween" by thinking of the mall. Its probably true. There was one great thing about going to the neighborhood though, we got to see an awesome pumpkin display! The house had at least 30 pumpkins, carved and lit. It was amazing!

All in all it was a wonderful day and night. Jada got tons of candy! (Which means Michael and I got lots of candy). But besides having candy to eat, Jada LOVES playing with her candy. Its been a week now and almost everyday she will just sit on the floor with her bucket of candy and play for nearly an hour. Its fun to watch her play. She gets so happy!

A few shots after going to Macey's but before going Trick-or-Treating at the mall

Trick-or-Treating at the Mall

Getting a little bite to eat:)

Tony & Teddy

A few of the awesome pumpkins at the house mentioned above

The superhero and his daughter

The only Halloween family picture we manage to get. Good thing its sweet!

Jada enjoying her candy

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween as well!


Lindsey said...

Michael does have a sweet costume! And I especially like the facial hair (I obviously couldn't see that in the preview photos). Sounds like your halloween was so fun! Maybe next year we can do something sweet together!

Dantzel said...

I love your pictures! Jada's costume is so cute--love the paw prints and everything. We went to the mall or trick-or-treating too when we lived on the other side of the country and I agree: it's awesome.