Jada's 11th month

Our little baby is 11 months old! I still can't believe she is almost 1. Where did the past year go? I think time passes much more quickly when you have children.

Jada continues to grow and learn. She loves being able to crawl and especially walk. Though she can't walk on her own yet, she loves to walk with assistance. We have been working with her and have managed to get her to take a few steps on own, but I think she prefers crawling more. Its quicker and takes less effort:) I wouldn't be surprised if she is walking by her birthday though. She has the balance down, she just needs the courage.

This month has been full of fun activities and happenings. Jada still continues to bring us more joy then we could have ever imagined. I love watching her grow and love being a mother.

As of November 3rd, Jada:
* weights 21 lbs
* is 28.75 inches tall
* Has 2 new teeth. She is up to 4! (and has another one on its way . . . we have been waiting for it to break through, but it has yet to happen. An entire month of teething . . . yuck.)
* Celebrated her first Halloween, which included: a party with friends, trick-or-treating 3 times and dressing up at least 6 times
* Visited her first pumpkin patch which also provided many firsts
* Started dancing to music. She especially loves the theme songs to Monk and Super Why
* learned to stick her bottom lip out and does it all the time
* Has taken 5 steps by herself (with much persuasion)
* Got her first toothbrush
* Has managed to say "mama" twice (This is still a work in progress. She will say "nanana" but not "mamama")
* Got to see Gramma J for a few days during her trip out here. Thanks Gramma for the cute clothes and books!
* Fed the ducks for the first time
* Has started laughing more and more. Sometimes even when playing by herself. She also enjoys joining in with others if they laugh.
* Got another "favorite" blanket from Maimi (my mother), this time Giraffe print! (its smaller and perfect for when we are out and about) Thanks Maimi!
* is starting to get a belly
* loves playing on Mom and Dad's bed and in the pantry
* gives more and more kisses spontaneously

Pictures from this month:

A few other pictures from her 11 month photo shoot (she required the books to be content)

Chomping on some Romaine lettuce. Thanks Dad!

Our little reader

We also has some family photo's taken this month. A friend in the ward, Dawnee Godfrey, takes pictures as well, so we arranged to do a photo swap. These are a few of my favorites.

I also failed to post about our Duck Pond visit. So here are a few from that day

Jada and her lower lip:)


Trent and Amelia said...

She is so stinkin cute! I love her little jeans and also her byu shirt! You are so good at taking pictures- wish we lived closer so that you could take some for us. And that's awesome that you did a photo swap- they turned out great!

Lindsey said...

those 11 month photos are too cute, for real, how do you live with her every day? she's just too adorable.

i love the BYU shirt on her. and i love the family photos! I'm digging the location you chose.

Harris Family said...

she is so cute! I can't believe she is almost one either! I love her headband with her photo shoot pictures-so cute!
Michael still has his cast? When does that come off?