She's getting close!!!!

Today was a turning point for Jada. Before today we had managed to get 5 or so steps out of her on her own. Well today, Jada took 12 steps by herself.

Today was different. Today I hosted our wards "Mother's Group" and had a few moms and their children over. I don't know if that was it or what, but during the play group Jada decided that she wanted to try walking on her own. Not just once, but MANY times. (Must have been the 16 month old she was admiring) She kept standing up and walking as much as she could, then getting right back up and trying again. I couldn't believe it! Michael and I have been trying every day to bribe her into taking a few steps and there she was taking anywhere from 5-10 all on her own! She gets so excited when she does it, occasionally even giggling. It is so cute! Any day now we are going to have ourselves a walker!

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Lindsey said...

yay for Jada! I can't believe she's already getting so close to walking.