Jada's 1st Birthday

The time has finally come.

First up, Jada's 1st Birthday!

We wanted to do something to celebrate Jada's birthday this year, so we decided to have a small party for her with some of our closest friends. I wasn't sure how Jada was going to do since the only child her age that was invited wasn't able to come, but she did AWESOME. In fact, she LOVED it. (Don't take that the wrong way, I'm sure she would have been even more happy to have a playmate, but the point is, she was really happy!)

I made cute invitations, banners, a cake, the works. We were so excited to celebrate Jada and her being 1!

We had a delicious lunch, watched Jada open her gifts, and had some yummy made-from-scratch carrot cake with Tillamook ice cream:) It was perfect. Jada enjoyed playing with all her new toys and clothes. She even enjoyed being sang to and having all the attention.

The only thing that didn't go as planned . . . she wouldn't try her cake! I had heard from many mothers that this was likely to happen, but I just didn't think it would. Not my Jada. She loves everything and always wants what we have! But, it happened. She was happy to look at it, but wouldn't try it. So, being the sugar loving mom that I am, I took a finger full of the frosting and forced it in her mouth. She gagged. :( Luckily we got it on video and will laugh about it as the years go on; but poor Jada. I must have scarred her for life. To this day she refuses to try ANYTHING that looks like cake, ice cream, or frosting. (maybe that's a good thing:/)

Thank you everyone who came to help us celebrate Jada turning 1 and celebrate us having her in our family for a whole year. Time really does fly! We are so blessed to have wonderful friends, and are also extremely blessed to have Miss Jada in our lives. We love her more than words can express. She really is the cutest, happiest, easiest, sweetest, most adorable girl I know!

The Cake (Jada's that is)

The Banners (I had 3 of these hanging)

The Guests (minus a few . . . sorry about that)

The Gifts (obviously not all are pictured)

Eating the Cake (or rather, not eating)

Enjoying my new things
* Note the change in outfits. Jada LOVED her new star outfit (thanks Ezra!) and wouldn't put it down, so we helped her put it on. She was one happy girl. I'm not sure what it is about that cute outfit, but every time she sees it (even now) she gets excited and has to carry it around.


The Cake (take 2)
For those of you who don't know, Macey's bakery will give you a FREE cake for your child's first birthday. So, the day after her birthday we tried again. Still no luck. But, Mom and Dad ate the cake and it was delicious:)

Love this girl!

and that's all she wrote . . . for today . . . more updates to come


Katie said...

I love these pictures... she is so adorable!

Michael said...

awesome job with the birthday post. i hadn't even seen those pics of jada with the balloon yet. What other treasures are you hiding from me...

Johnson Family said...

The pictures and post are AWESOME! That's crazy about the cake...my kids never did seem to have a problem once we got going (they do only get a cupcake though).