Christmas Vacation 2011

A Tucker Family Christmas
(Minus Ryan who is serving a mission for the LDS Church. He was missed!)

I know, a few months late, but whatever:)

I have been feeling overwhelmed. I literally have over 1400 pictures from our vacation and want to post so many! At first I was planning on making a bunch of collages and such . . . but I tried that with one event and it just took too long. So, long story short . . . these are just a "few" of the pictures from our amazing Christmas Vacation.

Jada and I left for Georgia on December 14th with my Mom and spent the first few days with my sister, Lindsey, and her husband Kenny, at their place in Athens, GA. We had a fun time hanging out, checking out their crib:), and dipping chocolates!

Michael flew in on Friday, so we packed up that afternoon and headed to my brother, Rhet's, so that we could be there to meet him (Michael).

The rest of the family came in within the next few days.

Jada LOVED being with all of her cousins and family. She enjoyed watching, following, and playing with anyone who would let her. She especially loved the one on one play time that all of her cousins gave her. She was in heaven. (As were Michael and I; we were free to do whatever:))

Our 3 week vacation was packed full of fun activities, including, but not limited to: (and in no order)
* Dipping delicious chocolates! (around 250 of them)
* Scaring Michael when he picked him up (Kenny hid in the trunk and popped out when we went to put his bags in) Priceless.
* Taking family pictures
* Playing our traditional "Candy Bar" game
* Having an Elf party
* Playing many fun games outside together since the weather was perfect
* Going to Flat Rock Park (which included lots of climbing and fun; topped off by many rounds of "Pooh Sticks")
* Scavenger Hunts
* Lots of shopping
* Fireworks on New Years Eve Eve (some of the family had to leave on New Years Eve so we celebrated a day early)
* Lots of delicious food! (Each family took turns preparing the meals for everyone)
* A snowball flight with cotton balls for the children
* The boys building a fence
* Going to a SWEET playground at BK
* Tons of gifts and time spent wrapping:)
* Nightly games for the grownups
* A trip to the National Infantry Museum
* Skyping with Ryan on Christmas Day
* Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner including 5 different soups with one of a kind rolls
* Attending my brothers Ward Christmas party
* More shopping
* Doing a girls lunch with my mom and sisters
* Michael and Jada both got their stockings this year (Hand made by my Mom and Dad. Thanks!)
* Going to Buffalo Wild Wings . . . YUM!
* Going to Chill, the BEST "buy it by the ounce" ice cream place I have EVER been too!
* Decorating gingerbread houses
* Eating many gluten free meals
* Going to Chuck E Cheese
* Playing a "Family Trivia" game, made by Dantzel (It rocked!)
* Having a Family Talent Show
* Seeing Santa
* Going to see the "Ludy Family Christmas Lights" (They have their own radio station that goes along with the lights!!! Need I say, Awesome!)
* Making snowmen with the children for a craft
* Waking up bright and early on Christmas morning and watching all the children's faces light up when they saw that Santa came!
* Reading Luke 2 and acting out Jesus' birth
* Going to church on Christmas day
* Getting an iPhone from Michael
* Me, winning the BLAZIN' CHALLENGE!! (Who can eat the most wings drenched in Blazin' Sauce from BWW)
. . . and so much more:)

And now for the pictures . . .

Jada on the plane ride to Atlanta. Loving the window

Excited for her CHEESE

Me and my buddy Carson

Outdoor games

National Infantry Museum

Family Trivia game (the challenge section)

Chill . . . oh how I crave you!!

Our cute cast (Yes, Jada was Jesus . . . she lost her swaddling clothes somewhere)

Skyping with Ryan when he opened his gift from us. A 5 pound gummy bear!

Dancing away while the kids are sleeping:)

Jada and her favorite little man . . . Bentley

Brooke with her cute snowman she made

Some of the boys

Pictures from Flat Rock Park:
Jessica and Lexi

Ryan, Dad, and Tiffani

Playing Pooh Sticks

Playing in the water

Mr. B

Jada enjoying her favorite meal . . . baked Ziti

Decorating hats at the Elf Party, while snacking on elf size snacks

The little elves

Scavenger Hunt

Family Talent Show

Chuck E Cheese

HAHAHAHAHA, I love this one:)

Jada opening her gifts on Christmas morning

Our family in our matching PJ Pants (thanks Mom!)

Burger King play ground. For those of you worried that Jada is always drinking soda, have no fear. She hates the stuff. Its usually just water:)

Oh Halli! I have a series of faces to go with this one. Maybe another day

Ludy's Lights (Jada on Michael's shoulders)

As a prize for winning Bingo, the children all got to "dress up" Rhet, thanks Jess:). Michael volunteered (with my help) to help out and take some of the load off Rhet.

As the boys prize they got to mix up a special concoction for the men to drink . . . yikes!

Just like Mommy

The boys building the fence

My cute little girl

In Athens with Lindsey and Kenny

The Gingerbread House Extravaganza!

The Blazin' Challenge Participants

this ones for you Ryan!

Jada when we arrived in Salt Lake on our returning flight. It was nearly 1 am Georgia time, so she was exhausted!!

Needless to say, we had a BLAST! We are so grateful to have such a wonderful family. We all loved spending weeks together in one house. It was crazy at times, but awesome! Can't wait for next time.


Michael said...

Georgia Christmas 2011 Rocked!!! We really have to do that again sometime... christmas in July?

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad you posted this! my favorite photo that I seemed to have skipped over in my view of them: Rhet playing at Chuck E Cheese with Adam - hilarious.

Harris Family said...

Thank you for this post! There are so many photos that I LOVE...but the one with us playing a game in the backyard I look disgusting! Take it off of here j/k...I Love the photo of Rhet at Chuck E Cheese, and Rhet's gingerbread house...that picture reminds me of another one, but with you in Rhet's place. hahaha I laughed out loud for a lot of these photos and enjoyed remembering the great time we had with everyone! thanks for the late post so I could reminisce.