Jada's 15th Month

Wow, it has taken me FOREVER to get this post posted. I am not sure what has gotten into me these past few months. Oh well, here we are.

Jada has been learning and talking like crazy. I love this stage! I love being able to teach her things, have her understand, and have her be able to communicate what she would like to me. It is so fun. Jada continues to fill our lives with joy. We love our little girl!

At 15 and a half months, as of today, March 20th, Jada:
(some of these are a little past due since its been awhile since I updated)

* has 10 teeth and counting. She recently got her two bottom 1 year old molars and is close to having her top canines poke through
* has learned to to climb up and down from couches and other such furniture. She tried to get up on chairs and other things, but has yet to manage that
* loves to dance. She used to dance by squatting and bouncing up and down, but has recently began walking in a circle as her way of dancing. Not sure why, but she does it all the time. She also loves to dance by doing the "running man" as Michael calls it. (She moves her feet as quickly as she can in place. It's really cute)
* likes to play with dolls/babies. We got her a baby awhile ago and she got a second one for her birthday, but it wasn't until about a month ago that she really started paying much attention to them. Now you can often find her pushing them in their stroller, wrapping them up in a blanket (dish towel), and rocking them while singing (humming). She takes such good care of her babies
* still has very little hair. Poor thing
* gets so excited when Daddy is home. I still can't manage to get her to laugh like he does
* still lets Mom and Dad put bows and flower headbands on her and keeps them on:)
* started talking like crazy. Besides mama and dada her first words were this and that
* HATES having her teeth brushed. She cries the hardest when its time. Not sure why . . .
* has learned to say: Michael, mama, dada, uh oh, this, that, dog, keys, ball, up, yeah, yes, no, go outside, Maimi, Poppi, Carson, Bentley, Becca, cheese, lunch, waffle, wooooah, where, what and more I'm sure I didn't catch. Still no hi and bye
* understands most of what we say to her
* loves to be sang to. When she was a baby, she did NOT like me to sing to her, it only upset her more. But now that she is older, she loves it
* has learned to shut doors and knock. It is one of her favorite games
* loves to be outside. Since the weather has gotten better she wants to go outside every day, and once outside it is difficult to get her back in
* loves collecting rocks. If you come visit you will find a small pile next to our front door
* learned to kick balls and other objects
* knows how to sign "more", "please", and "thank you" and does so regularly
* loves to blow kisses when saying goodbye
* has learned to give hugs
* likes to have her own bowl of cereal for breakfast and does not want any help eating it
* loves feeding herself. She is pretty stubborn and often refuses to let anyone help her, even if its soup or something difficult to get on a spoon or a fork. No matter what, she finds a way to eat it
* loves to do push ups and pull ups with Daddy
* loves to play with headphones and electronics. She has figured out how to plug them into iPhones and such and is occupied for quite some time every time we let me play with them
* likes coloring/drawing on any paper you give her
* will come grab your finger if she wants to you do something or go with her somewhere
* knows where her eyes, nose, and hair are
* often says Mmmmmmm when eating something she enjoys
* has learned to fold her arms when its time to pray
* has started going to nursery at church and finally made it the whole 2 hours on her own! (Our ward lets the children go in at 15 months. Lucky us:)
* finally has started liking milk
* and plenty more I am sure I forgot

Photos from the past 2 or so months . . .

Jada LOVES rocks. Every time we are outside on a walk or just playing in the yard she always finds rocks and carries them around with her everywhere she goes. (Notice the rocks in her hand above;))

Out for a walk with Daddy (and Mom)

The Instagram batch:)

Jada, the intense Wii gamer

Our diligent little journal writer:) I need to take some lessons

Enjoying the warm weather with Mom by having ourselves a picnic

Jada's new love, headphones and Dad's old iPhone

Playing outside . . . with said headphones, of course

Jada apparently didn't think Dad was working out hard enough. She decided to give him a little help:)

Orange Julius mustache

Checking out her shadow

Rocking and singer her baby

Jada LOVES pizza. After having it one evening (and having leftovers of course) EVERYDAY until it was gone Jada would go to the fridge, get me to open it, then would quickly grab the pizza, hurry to her "spot", unwrap, and start eating. It was pretty cute. Though we did have a problem a time or two when she wanted it for breakfast

Apparently I think Jada is a cute little eater:)
Smoothie time!

Yum, Mac & Cheese

Jada in her stocking from the hospital a year ago (this picture is from January) She is HUGE!

Being festive while sporting Mom's boots

How did we get so lucky!?


Becky said...

Hi Aubry,

I am also a blogger and on a whim, clicked the "Next Blog" link at the top of my blog and the next blog was yours! You have a beautiful family and I love your list of books -- I'm an avid reader, too.

Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" since you were my blog neighbor! :)


Katie said...

oh my gosh, she is just so cute. hope we get to see you guys again soon!!

Ranell Jensen said...

So cute! She is getting so big she was a little baby last time I saw her. Adie had the same St. Patty's day shirt but the colors were reversed white on green.

Michael said...

awesome!!! love the new photos babe. it's been a great couple of weeks and will only get better.

Jessica Parnell Tucker said...

Jada is such a doll. Your blog is asolutely gorgeous! I love the pictures with the anecdotes to go with. Who needs to write in their journal? We can just visit your blogsite!:)