Jada's 16th Month

This past month has been much more eventful for the Jensen family:). Jada and I were able to spend a little over a week with my parents, which Jada LOVED. Since Michael was busy with school and studying, we all drove up to Syracuse right before conference and Jada and I stayed through Easter. (Michael left on Monday and came back on Friday before Easter.)

I was really grateful that we were able to be there for this particular week. My mothers oldest sister, Sandra, happened to pass away while we were visiting. I was glad that we were able to be there for support and to spend some extra time with family. Since all of my aunts children came into town, my mom and dad were able to have a few of them stay at there home for a few nights, which meant I got to visit and see them too! Jada loved having a new friend to play with (thanks Timo!). My Aunt Sandra will be missed, but I am grateful that she is no longer in pain. They had the funeral down in southern Utah, so Jada and I were not able to attend, but we were all able to go to the burial on Saturday (Michael too), which was nice. I am so grateful for the gospel in our lives and for the plan of salvation. I am grateful for the knowledge I have that we will see her again; that day will be great!

Back to Jada (sorry for the side track). As of today, April 18th, Jada:
* weights 24.5 pounds
* is 33 inches tall (96 percentile)
* has 13 teeth and 3 on their way
* in addition to her other words has learned to say: truck, clock, walk, sock, Jesus, psst, fish, and her own name, Jada
* celebrated her 2nd Easter and loved it!
* knows who Jesus is and when asked where he is will point to his picture on the wall or in a book we have
* is no longer scared to go down steps (for the longest time she refused to try and step down, she made us pick her up)
* loves to play on stairs
* loves exercising with her Daddy by doing pull ups and push ups just like him
* loves wearing her new sunglasses
* likes to pick out movies to watch randomly (she usually picks "a bugs life", "rescuers down under", or "cars 2"). Don't worry, we dont always watch them, but she likes to try!
* likes playing with and putting on chapstick
* learned to climb onto our coffee table and is often found playing on it
* loves to be outside
* still takes 2 naps! (YES!)
* is a good little eater
* likes to help Momma vacuum
* is getting more and more independent
* is seriously the best child ever
* still LOVES her blankie

I often think to myself throughout the day how lucky we are to have Jada in our lives. She is usually so happy and fun, not to mention cute. We love her so much!

A few pictures from these past few weeks . . .

Jada enjoying her sucker from Poppi

Jada helping Maimi chop up some veggies

Jada with her momma (me), Maimi, and Great Grandma Hansen

Playing with Poppi on his iPad

Easter in Syracuse with Maimi & Poppi

Our naturally dyed Easter eggs

Jada all ready to go find the eggs

Jada and Daddy with all the eggs she found!

Jada's Easter surprise from Michael and I (mostly Michael;))
This is her after she scored

Jada in her Easter dress

Easter Family Photo

Jada rockin her new shades that she got in her Easter basket. They are now a necessity when we go outside:)


Lindsey said...

i love seeing all the cute photos you take, especially of Jada because she's pretty cute.

Michael said...

This is an awesome post hun. I agree that we are so blessed. My favorite shot that you got out of these is probably the one with Jada ready with her basket to go finding eggs.