Bucket List: Manti Temple (It starts...)

Last month, Michael and I sat down and made a bucket list of things that we wanted to do/see before leaving Utah and moving to Georgia. To my surprise we have been doing really well so far. We have managed to check off three things in just a few weeks. I hope we can keep it up!

I thought about writing our list on here, but decided against it.  That way you will have to check back to see what adventures we have been on and what places we have visited:)

Our first stop (and check on our list) was the Manti Temple.  Since we live so close to so many beautiful temples, and will probably never have this opportunity again, we decided that we needed to make an extra effort to attend as many different temples as we could before September. (I kind of wish we started this sooner, time is limited, but oh well.) Luckily it doesn't really matter how many temples you have been to, the temple work is the same no matter where you go. But we still think it would be fun to see/attend some of them while we are here. So we are! We have made a priority list of our top temples to visit.

Two weeks ago we began.  Michael & I, accompanied by our friends Jared & Bri, were able to drive down to Manti one morning to do a session. We had such a great experience, not only going through a session, but just being at that specific temple. As I was able to look at the temple outside and in, I found myself awestruck by its beauty and all of the detail and work (by hand) that went in to building and furnishing that miraculous temple. I am still so amazed. Everything from the ceilings, to the doors, to the chairs, is simple, beautiful, and perfect. We even got to see the amazing spiral staircase. It made me think of all the sacrifice and love that went into building that temple so many years ago. Those people had nothing, yet look what they built! They truly gave of their time and talents to the Lord and the church by constructing such a marvelous temple. It really made me think about myself and what talents and time I need to give more freely of.

We are so grateful for the chance we had to go to the Manti Temple. Thank you Becca for watching Jada and making it possible for us to go. We are lucky to have you close, and lucky that Jada loves her Aunt Becca! We never have to worry when we leave her with you.

 The Manti Temple

Jared & Bri in front of the Temple

Michael & I

Enjoying the view and eating lunch before heading back . . . :)

The beautiful Temple

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