Mother's Day Weekend

The weekend before last, Michael, Jada, and I headed up to Syracuse to spend Mother's day weekend with my mom and dad, and to see Lindsey and Kenny on their way up to Idaho.

We had the best time! On Friday we had a delicious dinner at Maddox (near Brigham City for those of you from Utah). They have the best steak and rolls ever! I got a filet mignon and Michael got some weird shrimp patty thing (he wishes he had mine). Michael said his was good, but mine was heavenly. Best choice! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it . . . )

On Saturday, Michael and my dad started the day off with a game of golf, which they both loved.  When they got back, we all headed to "Baby Animal Days" that was currently happening that weekend. While it didn't go as well as I hoped, it was still fun. It was relatively small, and there were a lot of people there . . . so naturally Jada was a bit apprehensive.  I thought she would love seeing all the different animals and being able to pet them, but she didn't. She liked to look at them, but didn't care to touch them at all.  I think the best part for her, and us, was a little section they had were you could actually hold baby ducks, rabbits, and chicks. While Jada didn't want to hold any of them, and only touched one (see cute photo), she loved being so close to all the baby ducks.

After the "petting zoo", we ran some errands, went home and took a nap, then headed out to grab some dinner with a restaurant.com coupon that my mom and gotten. Unfortunately, the place has closed. Ha. I think this is the second time this has happened to my parents. So beware restaurant.com coupon buyers . . . make sure the place is still open when you purchase:) Luckily we all were able to have a good laugh about it and make the best out of the situation. Instead we had a yummy dinner at Taco Time and followed it up with some delightful Nielsen's frozen custard. All in all, a great day.

Sunday, Mothers Day, was a great day too. Lindsey and Kenny arrived around 4am, so they were able to spend the day with us (minus a little snoozin' time), which was nice. Church was good, as usual, and dinner was delicious too. Since it was Mother's Day, we also got to Skype with Ryan which was the best.

Michael and I talked all the way home about how awesome our weekend was. We loved every minute! I can't wait to go up again this Friday for Memorial weekend. (To bad Michael has to stay home and study for his next CPA:( He will be missed!)

Pictures from the "Baby Animal Days" 

Checking out the sheep with Poppi

Checking out the geese with Daddy

Playing a little bean bag toss . . . though I'm pretty sure she just placed them all in the holes:)

Inside the gates where you could hold the baby animals. This is the only time Jada actually touched one of the animals.

Checking out the baby ducks

She is thinking about it . . . 

I want to pet them . . . but I don't . . . but I do . . . but I don't . . . 

Ok maybe just one . . . (psych!)

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