This afternoon Jada, Michael, & I headed up to BYU to have some family fun. Every time we are in the Wilk and Jada sees the bowling alley, she always wants to go. She immediately starts saying "balls! balls!" and tried to run in. So today we decided to take her bowling. Lucky for us, it ended up being free! (Every BYU student gets a free game and shoes each semester, which we never cashed in on. I didn't think mine would work though since its been over a year and a half since I graduated, but it did! Hooray!)

Needless to say, Jada loved it. She didn't really care too much about the actual bowling part, but loved seeing all of the balls come out of the "hole" and loved watching Michael and I (well anyone really) roll the ball down the alley. We tried to show her how to do it and let her roll the ball, but after a few drops, she didn't really care to try that anymore. She sure enjoyed her time there though. So even gave our bowling neighbors some added entertainment by dancing to a lot of the music and talking to the balls.

After a fun game of bowling, we headed up to the bookstore for a little treat . . . chocolate covered gummy bears! I have been craving these for months, so this was the perfect end to our little outing:) Note: If you have not tried BYU's chocolate covered gummy bears . . . you MUST. They are DEEEEELICIOUS!

Daddy is showing her how its done

Waiting for her ball

Watching Mommy

Showing off her ball

Go Daddy Go!!!

 Nice form Michael:)

Helping Dad carry his ball