Bucket List 3: Goblin Valley & Slot Canyon

Last month (Yes, I know it has taken me forever to get this posted. Sorry Cody!) our little family, as well as our good friends Cody & Kate Leishman, went on a camping adventure. Michael and I have a few places we would like to go camping before moving, so this was our trial run to see how Jada would do; and luckily for us, our friends were happy to join us despite the fact that it could be a possible disaster. Fortunately for all of us, Jada loved it and did awesome. 

We headed down to Goblin Valley on Friday afternoon. Around 7PM, we found the perfect spot (BLM style out in the wild) and set up camp. We made pretty good time and had plenty of time to get our fire going, our dinner on, and the tent all set up before the sun disappeared. While we did all these things, Jada entertained herself by climbing all over the inside of the car. She played in there for over an hour, which made getting everything else in order quite easy:) While dinner cooked, we scoped out the area and took some pictures of the sun setting.

After delicious tin foil dinners, we put Jada to bed in her pack-and-play, then busted out the s'mores and dessert! To my surprise, despite the wind whipping the tent flap around and us talking, she went right to sleep and slept through the entire night! Michael and I both woke up before she did. I am still amazed. Jada is such a trooper!

The following day went equally well. We had planned to stay at camp until after Jada's first nap, but as time passed and she wouldn't fall asleep in the hot tent, we realized it wasn't happening and decided to move on with our plans for the day. So, we packed up camp and headed into the Goblin Valley State Park. We had a lot of fun walking around the valley and taking TONS of pictures. Jada loved hiking all over and walking on her own. She didn't want anyone to hold her; she wanted to lead her own explorations.

After an hour or so there, we drove over to Slot Canyon (Jada got a nap in during the short drive), found a fire pit, and took a lunch break to roast some hot dogs, get rehydrated, and relax. When we finished up there, we started our hike up the Slot Canyon Trail. Once again, Jada did great. I think in all we hiked over 6 miles (there and back), and Jada walked as much of it as we would let her. She loved hiking the trail, climbing over rocks, and making her way through the narrow canyons. We all did:) With Jada on foot, it took us a bit longer then expected, but we had a lot of fun. Kate and I entertained ourselves by taking tons of pictures, while the boys had Jada duty most of the time:) I am so glad that we "found out" about these canyons. I had heard of Slot Canyon and seen pictures, but I didn't know it was right by Goblin Valley. It wasn't until the morning of our hike when we were in the Goblin Valley Visitors Center that we realized it was a few miles away. I am so glad we found it and were able to visit. Though Goblin Valley is beautiful, Slot Canyon is even more so. I will admit, the hike was a little taxing on my pregnant self, but overall I think I did pretty great. (Lucky for me we had Jada with us which kept the pace more at my level. I think without her the Leishman's and Michael may have set a quicker pace which would have been more difficult to keep up with. Thank you Jada for making me look fast:))

After our long, but awesome hike through the canyons, we hopped back into the car and started our drive home. We stopped on the way to give Jada a break from her car seat and to have some dinner (and saw the most amazing sight, ask if you want the details on the image that Kate couldn't keep her eyes from), getting us back into Provo around 8PM. 

We had such a wonderful time camping and hiking with Kate & Cody. I am so grateful that Jada did so well. She is an all star. Like I said, Michael and I have more camping trips we are hoping to go on now that we know Jada can hack it . . . hopefully we can find some time to go with the Leishman's again, and this time for more then just one night! We better start planning soon (hint, hint) . . . I feel like summer is flying by way too fast!

Pictures from our trip: (yes, there are a ton)

Our camp site and location

Early Saturday morning Michael got up and hiked this hill (or mountain to those back East) to watch the sunrise. I wanted to do the same, but missed it. When I did wake up, Michael was nice enough to come down and helped me climb the steep hill so that I could see the view too. Looking back I told Michael that he probably should have advised against it in my current pregnant condition. It was not very safe. But oh well, now he knows for the future:) (Our camp is set up to the left just out of view. You can see Cody hiking up the hill to join us.)

The view from the top

She did it! So proud of you Aubry, you're a champ (-Michael)

Our camp site from up top (taken by Michael on his phone)

Jada loved "climbing" the big rocks and sitting on top

Goblin Valley State Park

Cody was so nice and helped out with Jada when he could:)

The Crew: Me, Michael, Jada, Kate & Cody (I think this is the first picture we have of all 5 of us)

Out little hiker . . . this is only the beginning and she is already pretty filthy

Takin' a little break

Slot Canyon Trail and Slot Canyon

The Leishman's and Jada. (In case you are wondering about the binkie: this is the point of the trip where the no nap thing started to become apparent. Luckily, with binkie in mouth she was good to go for another few hours.)

Some of my scenic pictures . . . .

 Jada leading the way . . . 

A few more of the rocks and canyon . . . 

Taking a much needed rest. Can you tell she is a little tired? :) But what a trooper, she never even cried

 The home stretch . . .

We did it!!


Ranell Jensen said...

This looks awesome!! it looks like so much fun!! We can't wait to see you guys next month!

Ranell Jensen said...

This looks awesome!! Looks like you had so much fun. We can't wait to see you guys next month!!!

Ranell Jensen said...

This looks awesome!! Looks like you had so much fun. We can't wait to see you guys next month!!!

Dantzel said...

Wow. I don't even know where this is...it isn't super far from Provo, you say? We didn't even know we'd missed out on this when we lived there once upon a time. :)