Jada's 18th Month

Poor Jada has been neglected. I have been posting about all of our adventures and have forgotten to update the world on Jada:)

Jada is now 18 months! I still can't believe how quickly time flies. It's hard to believe that it has been a year and a half since she made her entrance into this world and joined our family. She has brought so much more joy, love, and happiness into our lives then I could have ever imagined. In a few months we will have another little one . . . crazy. We are so excited for our little man to arrive. Jada is going to make a great big sister.

As of June 6th, Jada . . .
* has started to get a little too good at climbing. Today she shut her toy box, moved it over, and climbed on top to reach our Netflix DVDs which she loves to tear out of their envelopes. Stinker.
* has about 12 or so freckles between her face, arms, and belly (so cute:))
* has learned to say no . . . and says it more then I would prefer
* loves to talk and tries her hardest to communicate to us what she wants (still using "this" and "that" quite often but adds please)
* has finally started saying "please" and "hi" vocally (before about 2 weeks ago she would just sign them) We are working on "thank you"
* loves to eat beef, sausage, beans, yogurt, milk, and sugar (any kind of candy, just like her mother)
* still likes her baby cereal
* loves to listen to music and dance
* continues to increase her vocabulary
* knows the hand actions to "Popcorn Popping"
* folds her arms when its time to pray
* loves shoes
* still loves her blankie more then anything
* loves the water and gets so excited when we mention going to the pool
* knows how to use our iPhones, and Poppi's iPad (including unlocking and going to the apps that she wants)
* loves to be outside and go to the park
* knows where her eyes, nose, ears, hair, hands, feet, toes, belly button, mouth, tongue, & teeth are
* tries to watch movies every day (don't worry, we don't) by bringing them to me or trying to put them into the DVD player. She always picks Cars 2 or A Bugs Life . . . not sure why
* enjoys playing with her baby dolls and often wants to take them and their stroller outside to go on a walk
* has started throwing tantrums occasionally, luckily she usually just cries or yells, lays down on the floor, kicks a couple times, and that's it. The crying usually stops as soon as she lays down . . . so all in all, not bad:) Total time of tantrum . . . maybe 10 seconds
* still takes 2 naps and goes to bed very well
* went camping and hiking for the first time and LOVED it
* has been swimming a few times this summer and loves it
* loves airplanes and birds and often points to the window when she hears or sees them
* still refuses to try/eat ice cream or anything that looks like it (texture wise)
* likes to roll the windows down in the car and put her hands up like she is on a roller coaster:)
* enjoys randomly making this clicking noise Michael taught her
* loves going to nursery
* still lets momma put bows in her hair and keeps them on
* is getting more and more difficult to take pictures of. Its nearly impossible to get her to look at the camera and even more impossible to get her to hold still
* is slowly getting more and more hair!
* loves animals, especially ducks, dogs, and birds
* is still one of the happiest and most well behaved children I know

Out-takes from her 18 month photo shoot

This is Jada's "I'm gunna get you" look :) So cute!

 Jada's first swim of the summer

Pointing out the airplanes in the sky

Jada's new "I don't know" pose

 Pointing out the bubbles and fish

Poppi & Jada

Last but not least . . . Instagram! (In no order from the last 2 months)

Swinging at the Park

Feeding the Ducks

Walking her baby:) She is going to be a great big sister

At JDawgs with Gramma

Swinging with Momma

Sidewalk Chalk!

Jada's reward for being good at the grocery store

Golfing with Daddy

Watching the ducks

At the park with Gramma

Not quite what I meant when I said "go get your shoes on"

Feeding the ducks (again)

Working on their swing

Jada's new friend Hachiko (our landlords dog, whom she LOVES)


catiaht92 said...

Awwww... Such a cute baby. :)
Great post!
Congratulations! :D

Brooke said...

Aubry, I still can't get over how beautiful she is! Absolutely the most gorgeous baby ever!!!!