30 Weeks and A Good Laugh From Jada

Whelp, for those of you out there who don't get to see us (me) that often and were wondering how big I am these days . . . here you go:)

As of yesterday, I am 30 weeks along. Besides feeling huge (already), I can't really complain. Things have been pretty good for the last few months. I have had occasional days of pain due to my sciatic nerve, and some muscle cramping here and there, but besides that I have been feelings great. I even started going to a workout class 3 times a week to help me feel healthier and to keep my baby weight to a minimum.

My midwifes say that our baby boy appears healthy and everything is going well. He is quite the mover and enjoys kicking and wiggling around inside of me most of the day. Every time we go to an appointment and they check his heartbeat they always comment on how much he moves; and thats just when they are listening! Luckily I don't have any troubles falling asleep and staying asleep while he moves, which is a definite blessing. I am hoping he slows down at least a little bit as time goes on and he has less space . . . wishful thinking:)

Now for the story of the day:
This evening we were all sitting on the couch; Jada was sitting on my lap listening to some music on my phone. (A little background: I have been trying to teach/tell Jada that she is going to have a baby brother and that the baby is in my belly. She always listens to what I am saying, but has never seemed to really get it. Who can blame her, it's confusing at that age. Anyways, back to the story) I turned to her and asked, "Jada, where is your baby brother?" She immediately put her hand on my belly and started patting it! After a few pats, she put her hand on her own belly and started patting her belly as well, then said, "I'm pregnant!" and went back to her music. Michael and I looked at each other in total shock. I know we were both thinking, "Did she really just say that?!" All I could do was laugh and laugh. I couldn't believe it. All I can say is that if that isn't what she said, she said something that sounded EXACTLY like that.

She is the best.

Jada is known for randomly saying words or phrases we didn't even know she knew. Like asking for strawberries tonight when I was cutting them up for dinner. I knew she knew what they were, but today was the first day she said the word and asked for them.

Another example, the other day Michael was shooting hoops in her little basketball hoop. After going through the hoop, the ball went rolling into the other room. Michael was laying on the floor while he shot and didn't want to have to go get it. I think all he said was, "man" to which Jada looked up and said, "I'll go get it!" then hopped off the couch and got the ball for Michael. What?!?

I love our little Jada. She is always full of surprises. (and apparently she thinks she is pregnant)

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Michael said...

She definitely did say, "I'm pregnant" that was awesome.