Bucket List 4: The vacation of a life time with the Leishman's

Lake Oroville, California

Last week for the 4th of July, Michael and I were able to go on our first vacation without Jada to Gridley, California with our best friends Kate and Cody.

Before I get to the vacation, lets talk about Jada:) I will admit I was a bit nervous to leave Miss Jada. Luckily we left her in good hands. She was able to spend 5 days having an awesome time with her Maimi and Poppi, and she loved every minute. I am so grateful that they live so close (at least for the next 2 months) and that they were able to watch her for us. I don't know that I could have left her with anyone else. Thank you a million times Mom and Dad for taking care of Jada for us. She, as well as we, love you both so much!

Alright, now for our awesome vacation!

We left Tuesday afternoon (July 3rd) and took turns driving all the way to Gridley, CA. In all it ended up being about an 11 hour drive included stops to get gas, go to the restroom, and get a bite to eat (which ended up taking WAY more time then we wanted. We stopped in Elko, the SLOWEST town I have ever visited. It took me over 15 minutes to get a Whopper Jr. and they weren't even busy. I watched them the entire time. They were just the slowest people alive. We also waited for about the same time next door at Taco Time with a similar situation. It was ridiculous. Needless to say, we did not stop there on our way home; Nor will we ever again.) We got to Cody's parents home around 3:30am and went straight to bed.

The next morning is when all the fun began. (Not that diving wasn't fun, but the crazy windy northern california roads were a little much) We woke up, got ready, and headed to Lake Oroville.  We spent the next 3 days and 3 nights on their houseboat enjoying the water and having an amazing time. We watched fireworks on the 4th from the water, went wake boarding, tubing, boating, paddle boating, swimming, played games, ate tons of food, got some sun, went cliff jumping, saw waterfalls, and more. Every day was filled full of Leishman style fun. We loved relaxing and enjoying our free time.

After a few days on the houseboat, we headed back to Gridley and spent a day there doing lots of other fun activities. Cody's parents own a walnut farm so that gave us plenty of fun things to do. Michael, Kate, Cody and I all got to run a backhoe and dig up some tree stumps from trees that had been cut down. Cody showed us all how it was done, then let us have some fun doing it ourselves. I was just planning on diggin' a hole at first, but ended up having such a good time that I dug up the whole stump. Best of all, the girls showed up the boys:) After I got the roots all broken and the stump down, I somehow managed to pick up the entire thing with the backhoe, a feat that both Cody and Michael couldn't perform. Kate on the other hand showed everyone up and had her stump out in 2 scoops! Yeah, impressive:) Kate is the best and is now referred to as "two scoop Kate".

When we finished digging, we got ice cream then headed back to the house. After a short rest, Michael and Cody went shooting while Kate and I picked wild blackberries and relaxed in the house with AC. We also got to take a tour of the farm on golf carts and see lots of their tree and land. It's pretty amazing, and I will say, their walnuts are delicious! To top off the night, we all went out to dinner at Casa Lupe. It was fun to go out and dinner was great. It took a little while for them to bring out our food but that allowed us to down way too many bowls of chips and salsa. Michael loved their salsa and his fajitas; I loved my tostada, taco, and rice as well. All in all it was a wonderful last day.

The following morning we woke up early and started our drive back to Utah. We made good time and got back around 6:30PM while still finding time to stop at a couple vista points. We split up in Salt Lake so that Michael and I could go to my parents house to pick up Jada, and Kate and Cody could go home and unpack. Michael and I were both so excited to see Jada. I thought about her every day and missed my little girl. Though we had a wonderful time, I couldn't wait to see her again. She was so cute when she saw us too. There was a moment of shock when she realized it was us, then she came running as she giggled. I loved getting all the extra kisses and hugs!

And that was that. Michael and I both managed to spend days in the sun and didn't get sunburnt! (For those of you know know Michael and his skin, you will know this is pretty amazing. He burns faster than anyone I know. SPF 50 worked like a charm!)

Thank you Kate and Cody for inviting us to spend the 4th with you and your family and for the awesome time. Thank you Mom and Dad for watching Miss Jada, and thank you Leishman family for letting us come visit your beautiful home and for all the great memories.

Picture time . . .

Lake Oroville at sunset on the 4th of July

The houseboat, looking all festive!

This was were Michael and I slept (also festive). Sometimes it pays to be the pregnant one:)

A little more patriotic sunset

A few landscapes from different parts of Lake Oroville

Having fun on the boat . . . 

Kate with Gracie and Bree (who didn't care for all the wind in their face as we cruised across the lake)

Kate showing off her wake boarding skills

Cody showing off his

The girls on a "pregnant friendly" tube ride. Thank Cody.

Michael workin' those waves

Cody gave the boys (Michael and Spencer) an awesome ride. They were attempting to get as much air as possible without getting thrown off. Here is Michael on one of his best "flights"

More of the girls having fun on the tubes. Lynn (Cody's mom) and I are on the base, with Kate on top. Cody's sister, Tiffany, and her now husband (they got married 2 days ago. CONGRATS!) are on the other tube. I don't think Spencer knew what he signed up for when he agreed to ride with us. Haha, I think he was feeling a little unmanly.

He made up for that later by showing everyone up with his awesome wake boarding skills. He tried to tell us he wasn't good, but then kept doing all these jumps and landing them. Maybe one day I will be as good as him after only a few times of trying.

Spencer and Michael having a blast

Cody helping Bree drive the boat. (What a nice Uncle!)


Cliff jumping

Having fun in Gridley

Me starting on my stump (Yes, I failed to bring my camera and had to use Instagram. Thankfully we had something!)

A few minutes later . . . my "famous" stump pick up

"2 Scoop Kate"

Some of the Leishman Family's newer Walnut trees

(One our ride home) Vista Point #1: Somewhere in California

Vista Point #2: Lake Tahoe

The End.

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Michael said...

Thanks everyone for making this vacation possible. It totally rocked my socks off!