Antelope Island

 After returning from our family reunion, Rhet, Alexis, Daisy, Michael and I headed over to Antelope Island so that the girls and Michael could say they swam in the Great Salt Lake. (Thanks Mom for watching Jada so we could go!)

On the way there some comment was made about a ferry, to which Michael responded, "What there isn't a ferry?!" I just laughed and replied, "You are going to be very disappointed." (I think Michael was picturing Mackinac Island and places like that . . . for those of you who know what that is) Anyways, the bottom line is they are VERY different. Michael was in for a surprise. To be honest, so was I but in a different way:)

When we got to the "beach" area where people go swimming, the water was very low. I swear we hiked a mile (one way) out to the waters edge. Ok it may have been a half a mile there and a half a mile back, but for a very pregnant lady it was not a fun or enjoyable hike. Down wasn't too bad, but coming back up the hill almost killed me. I really did think about sitting down and taking a break before finishing my climb. That was my surprise. I wasn't planning on having a big workout! Don't worry folks, I made it.

Despite the bugs and sometimes painful walk to the water (sharp rocks and hot sand) the girls, Rhet and Michael all enjoyed their swim in the water.

After the swim, we headed over to try a Buffalo Burger . . . another thing the girls REALLY wanted to do. Due to the price and the fact that my mom was preparing dinner for us while we were out, Rhet got us a burger to share. I just tried a bite, but it was surprisingly delicious.

After everyone had their portion, we headed out to find the animals. To my surprise, we saw more then I expected. We got to see a herd of Buffalo (which I had previously told Daisy was unlikely to happen), an few Antelope, lots of lone Buffalo (including one crossing our path), and about 10 Bucks with HUGE antlers. It was crazy!

Just getting in and starting their walk out to where it is deep enough to float

Skipping rocks! There are TONS of perfect skipping rocks here!

 Still only up to their knees . . . 

They finally made it!

The Great Salt Lake (bugs included)

Daisy, Lexi, and Michael with the Buffalo (The Buffalo is closer then it looks. It took some convincing to get the girls out with Michael for this picture.)

The Buffalo

 The Antelope

Scenic photos from the Island

I would have to say our trip was a success! Michael was not disappointed at all (it was not what he expected, but it was still awesome) and the girls loved every minute. Check that one off the bucket list!

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