Jada's 20th Month

 Now that Jada is half way through her 20th month, I guess its time to finally get the photos up and her post finished. Oops.

Jada has been growing like crazy! She keeps us on our toes and surprises us everyday.

As of today, August 16th, Jada:
* is now tall enough to get into all the drawers in the kitchen and loves to take anything out she can reach
* also enjoying taking the clothes out of our drawers in the bedroom
* is talking more and more everyday. For the longest time should refused to repeat what anyone asked her to say. She could say most things, but would only say them when SHE wanted to. Luckily that phase is starting to pass. She has started to repeat words more often and surprises us everyday with words she chooses to say on her own that we had no idea she knew.
* knows and will say what sounds a duck, dog, cow, and cat say. We are working on more.
* loves to be outside
* loved going to 2 family reunions this past month
* is in the 99 percentile for height (no surprise there)
* has officially been weaned from her binkie
* is very good at entertaining herself and is content to play alone. Though of course she loves it when anyone plays with her
* LOVES playing with her Daddy
* learned to say "baby brother"
* will say Poppi, Maimi, and Becca when she see's their pictures (She knows more, but these are the only names she says regularly on her own.)
* LOVES Cars 2 (still)
* loves to play in water . . . any water (as seen below)

* has started to pretend eat. Its the cutest thing. She pretends to grab something, cups her hand, then picks bites out and put it in her mouth. I'm not going to lie, Michael and I have fallen for it multiple times. She is pretty convincing and knows it
* loves to point out airplanes in the sky
* says "choo choo" when she hears a train, and makes a "swooshing" noise when pretending to fly an airplane through the air
* has started "barking" back at the neighbors dogs:) It is the best
* has been to 7 Peaks a number of times this summer and loves every minute
* enjoyed having her cousins, Alexis and Daisy come visit
* is independent and wants to try most things on her own
* makes us smile everyday
* likes to help me put the laundry in the dryer and put the dishes away
* learned the letter "O" and loves to say it
* knows what a circle, star, and usually a triangle are. haha
* still hates to have her teeth brushed
* loves chocolate milk
* is still the cutest girl in the world

A few outtakes from her photo shoot:

Jada and Brinley

Kevin, Brinley, Jada and Michael

At Taste of the Valley with Maimi, Poppi, Lindsey, Kenny, Mommy & Daddy

Jada with her cousin Daisy at our family reunion in Hanna, Utah

Watching her cousins ride the horses with her favorite cousin Ben (technically second cousin?)

Taking a break at the pool

Jada enjoying her dessert pizza at Daddy's celebratory dinner for passing the CPA tests! Thanks Rhet and Maimi for treating us!!

Jada in her 4th of July attire (sorry if already posted)

Jada practicing for the Doctor:) After my baby shower Jada took the tissue paper, laid it down, laid on it, and took a little botty that was a decoration on a gift and used it to listen to her heart beat. She usually screams when the doctor does it, not sure why she thought to do it herself:)

Shopping with Mom and Dad

Yes, sometimes I still sick my toe

Jada with her Maimi & Poppi

Playing in the kitchen

Another one of Jada's favorite things to do . . . watch the dogs next door from the window

Playing with Pooh Bear

Jada is really going to miss her Maimi and Poppi when we (and they) move!! These were taken a few days before Poppi had to leave for LA. We already miss him!

 Jada with her Poppi

Jada with her Maimi

Poppi, Jada, and Maimi.

Playing in the car

At the Johnson reunion. Watching the fun with Momma

Jada and Ben, her favorite second cousin

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