Johnson Family Reunion

Our little family spent the last weekend in July up in Idaho Falls at the Johnson Family Reunion! (Michael's mother's side) We had a fun filled weekend with family.

We spent our days: attending the temple, eating lots of yummy food, having a family Olympics contest, having a testimony meeting, attending our cousins farewell talk in church, playing games, visiting with family members, jumping on the trampoline, having a family talent show, riding horses, and much more.

From the moment Jada saw Ben (her second cousin) she was by his side ALL the time. She just loves him. Luckily for us, Ben loves her too, so Michael and I got to be Jada free a lot of the time which made visiting and playing games easier and possible. We all had a great time!

 Jada could often be found jumping on the trampoline

 Jada and Momma watching the family Olympics.

Adie (Jada's cousin) and SheriKay

Becca showing off her singing and guitar playing skills at the family talent show

Cute little Adie

Justin . . . looking a bit unsure about the song the men are preparing to sing

The family gathered for the Olympics

Checking out the dog with Ben

The Jensen's who were able to attend the Johnson reunion. 
We have: Becca, Adie, Ranell, Justin, Brent, me, Michael and Jada

Our little family with Gramma and Grampa Johnson

Gramma and Grampa watching the Olympic events

The children getting ready for the sack race

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