38 Week Photo Shoot

Michael was nice enough to take some photos of me (and Jada:)) before Baby #2 comes. I wish he could have been in them, but oh well. He knows how to use my camera better than others and knows how to do what I want . . . so when I can't do it, he is my best alternative. Hopefully we can get at least one of the 3 of us before going to the hospital.

Here are some of my favorites. Yes there are a bunch. Jada is just the cutest.

"Where is your baby brother?"

Baby Brother

Talking about the baby . . . or maybe pointing to my belly button

Loving the fresh apple off Maimi & Poppi's tree

"Is there a baby in my belly?!"

Showing her brother some lovin'

Jada likes to hug Momma's belly:)

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